Happy Bloggiversary to Me!

One year ago tomorrow, Annemarie  successfully talked me into blogging.  It took a lot of talking, not that YOU can tell it; once she got me going, I’ve gone on and on…   

So, we need a contest.  I started blogging just so I could join swaps, and to kinda’ keep a record of my FOs.  Along the way, I’ve met some neat people, and made some friends I suspect are of the life-long variety. 

Here’s what you need to:

  1. Leave a comment below.  Tell me a story about something a friend has talked you into doing.  Childhood best friend, someone you just met online, whatever.  Sissy gets her neediness from me; I need to be entertained!
  2. Post the contest on your blog and tell me you’ve done so.  You’ll get a bonus entry.
  3. There will be two prizes.  When I figure out what the prizes are, I’ll let you know.  (I’ve secured some, and I’m excited about them, so I hope you will be too!  The prizes are all about the friendships I’ve made in the last year too.)

The contest will run through midnight on April 1.   (No foolin’!)  I’ll let the random number generator pick a winner on the 2nd, and the story that gets me – laughter or tears – the hardest will also get a prize.


In other news, I hope you’ll stop in and wish Amanda and her family well.  Saying good-bye to a beloved pet is never easy, and when you have to make the choice to be a compassionate owner, it is just one more thing to work through as you grieve.

My always helpful, sweet buddy Monica   has a birthday on Friday, so wish her a happy one.  I’ll be working and in the midst of payroll, so I’m sending you along now, in case I forget!

Women multi-task better than men.  I don’t know if it’s a documented fact, but it’s sure true in my experience.  If you’re not in our Ravelry Group, come join us and celebrate the ability to work and surf at the same time.  Share your other favorite ways to make the most of your time too!