Just Cause

Oh look!  A rare, Saturday post.  It’s for a good cause though.  See, I added My edit to my Reader a few weeks ago.  How could I NOT keep up with a blogger whose tag line is “life between peep toes and steel toes”?!   After all, I’m the former firefighter, now president-elect of my local Junior League, so my closet floor has steel toed boots and bejewelled mules, and everything in between.

Anyway, if you click on that link, you’ll see that she’s promoting a friend’s campaign.  Friend’s uncle died of cancer, and friend is selling a sweet little necklace to raise funds for charity bike ride.  

I’m not a bicycle enthusist, but anything that supports cancer research tugs at my heart.  I’m feeling especially called to share this with some of you who might ride or have rider friends who would like a special necklace, because this week, we learned another friend has a family member just diagnosed with cancer and another relative – on the Knight’s side, by marriage this time – has colon cancer. 

I’m also going to shamelessly mention that May isn’t over and Pampered Chef’s Help Whip Cancer campaign is still underway.  Every little bit helps, right?

Show Your Stripes

Happy Dogs on Thursday, little friday and Thankful Thursday!  If you’re looking for doggy cuteness, pop over to the girls’ blog

Photo courtesy of Pampered Chef

I’m a very bad Pampered Chef consultant.  I haven’t even mentioned the Help Whip Cancer campaign this year, and May is passing me by. 

Follow the links to my personal shopping site if you’re interested.   A portion of any pink guest special goes to the American Cancer Society’s breast cancer education and early detection programs. 

You can also host a fundraising show to donate even more to the ACS.   It can all be done online…

August 2010 003

Gratuitous dogs in pink photo

Thankful?  I’m thankful that Pampered Chef is a company that gives back.  I’m thankful for my health.  I’m thankful for all the campaigns that support breast cancer awareness, research, etc.   I’m thankful for all the cancer research and awareness programs out there, because it touches so many lives…

What are you thankful for today?

Stepping In


Worried gal fall 2009

Gretchen here.   Mama will be out of commission for a few days.  Please forgive her if she doesn’t leave a comment on your blog, and overlook the typos if she does…

She “shaved” off her nail and part of her left middle finger last night while making THESE.  They were quite tasty, and if you use a proper cheese knife instead of something too sharp for the job, I’m sure you’ll whip them up in no time, without incident.

Photo courtesy of Pampered Chef

Mama had planned a whole post on the Honey-Apple Brie Bites, but I don’t see that happening.   Have a great weekend, and Mama’ll be back soon enough.  She really is fine…  I promise. 

Oh – and Sissy might have a silly nurse’s hat, but she’s not much on tending to the injured.  I had to press up against Mama’s legs while she tried to stop the bleeding and put away the brie so Sissy wouldn’t eat it while she took care of herself.  I’m a worrier, you know…

Have a great weekend, and a great week next week.  Dadaw and I will take great care of Mama!

Pass the Plates


See our purdy birthday sweaters?

We had a great weekend!  I’ve posted a few funny photos of the fur-girls in party hats on their blog.  Sis had a very nice birthday yesterday, and Gretchen had a lovely 2nd anniversary of her “Gotcha!” day on Saturday.

But you want to know about the contest winners, don’t you?  I had MJ pick two number for me, and I’m delighted to announce that Amy and Bonnie are the winners!   Bonnie, I’ll need your address ASAP so I can get your plates in the mail.   Thanks to everyone who entered!  If anyone else wants to order plates, you have until Sunday to do so, and then’ll they be retired, perhaps permanently.


Sissy & her Dadaw, OBX fall 2008

Today is also our 13th wedding anniversary.  Since I dont seem to have any decent photos of the two of us in Flickr, you’re stuck with one of my favorite candids of him from fall 2008. 

Our wedding invitations announced, “On this day I will marry my best friend.”   I sure did, and I treasure him more today than I did then.   It takes a special man to cater to my whims and to those of the very spoiled fur-girls, and the Knight manages to do all that and serve as chief of our local volunteer fire company, work full-time for his family’s business, and makes time for his host of friends too. 

What did you do over the weekend?

Help Whip Cancer

I’ve had in the back of my mind that I wanted to do a contest this month.  October is full of important dates for our little corner of the woods, and it also happens to be breast cancer awareness month, which means Pampered Chef is offering their Help Whip Cancer pink products online.  Since I’m blessed to have a nice assortment of readers, I struggled briefly over what to offer as a prize. 

Daisy dessert plates, photo borrowed from Pampered Chef

I’m crazy for these daisy dessert plates, and the pink flowers are unobtrusive enough that if you’re not crazy about pink they won’t shout at you.  However, if the winner REALLY doesn’t care for the plates, she can opt for a $20 Pampered Chef credit. 

How do you enter?  Simple.  Leave a comment sharing your favorite Pampered Chef product.  If you’re not already a Pampered Chef customer, you can take a gander at the products here.    (And yes, you can place an individual order from there too if you see something you can’t live without.)

Lilly Pulitzer Limited Edition Breast Cancer Awareness Murfee Scarf

Want a second entry?  Share another product whose proceeds benefit any non-profit.  You must provide a working link to said product, just in case the rest of us care to shop! 

There are no extra entries for sharing the contest here or through social media, but for every 20 additional entries, I’ll give another prize.  (So at 21, the second prize is added, 41, the third, etc.)  

The deadline for entering is midnight US Eastern time October 24th – Sissy’s birthday – and the winners (I have faith in you!) will be announced on October 25th, our 13th wedding anniversary.

The Lovely Month of May

I’m not even going to try to list all the birthdays in May, but there is a very special one the fur-girls have blogged about today.  I want to wish Thor a very happy birthday too, and I hope all the humans in my life with birthdays will forgive any unintended slight…

Nine years is a milestone for a mastiff, but we’re hoping Thor’s good health continues and he’s around for much longer.  Isn’t he dapper in his birthday hat?

While I’m at it, happy birthday to all the other May birthdays out there!!

May is also Pampered Chef’s Help Whip Cancer month.   One dollar from every special edition pink product goes to The American Cancer Society.  Full disclosure – I am a consultant.   I do have a show that I need to get up on the website in honor of my sister’s friend who is a breast cancer survivor, so if you’d like to order, let me know and I can give you the link.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Pink Parade.   I’m still plugging along on the fiber I started in my friend’s memory.  It takes a long time to spin up a pound of fiber!

What’s on your mind today?

Friend for Faith

It was a great weekend, but the high point was definitely handing over the latest Hope & Faith care packages in person.

Poppet, handmade by Gmarie

Gmarie, Hope thought Poppet was “funny” and the mom assured me that young Faith is very much like her father was at that age, so I am quite sure that if Faith doesn’t like Poppet, she’ll say so. 

Gretchen isn’t really smaller than Poppet, but nearly so.

Poppet didn’t travel east alone.  Gmarie also sent a bag and needle roll as a prize for the Blessed Big Bash, and she knew I’d need a set of my own.  The dog stitchery is mine… have you seen anything so dear in stitches?

Then, Gmarie needs to choose a pair of earrings, as Ann donated two lovely pairs.  I’ll send the other pair off to someone else too, as I owe everyone for their patience.  Prizes will ship out this week, finally!  Truly, I do apologize for the delays, but life does happen…  It is because of my wonderful friends that I can continue to roll with the punches, and the worst thing that happens is that you good people are left waiting too long for your prizes!

In honor of Sissy

So, there is the only pair of earrings I can share with you at the moment.   (G, you and anyone else who follows me on Flickr, please go look at the other pair please?) On my ancient monitor, the photo is a little larger than life, but that just gives Gaylen  you a better look.  (Should I have entitled this post “Hey Gmarie!”?)


And here is my new logo for me.  (Post-its from Gmarie.)  I am a lucky girl, with two lucky dogs and a lucky Knight too.

You see, Flickr played well for THAT long this morning.  I’d loaded two other photos last night, and they were here earlier, but won’t load now.  So, we’ll end this post here, and I’ll try again tonight, tomorrow or something.  

As for my weekend, it was nice.  I rested, I knitted, I read, I spun, I walked the girls, and we had three adventures.  Saturday night, we had a rather large family dinner for MJ’s birthday.  There were more than 20 of us there, but MJ is/was one of 13 children, so…  Then, we had breakfast with the Knight’s brother and his family yesterday morning. 

Watching Hope patter through the firehouse, handing out candy from her silver with pink beads basket was definitely the highlight though.  Many, many thanks to those of you who’ve sent gifts, cards, hats, etc. 

If you’re local, tonight is the charity bingo in Hope’s honor.  I also have a Pampered Chef fundraiser going on, but you’ll have to leave a comment if you want more information on that, as I can’t link from here, per company regulations.