Happy Thorsday, little friday, thankful thursday and first Junior League General Membership Meeting of the year!  Needless to say, I’m a little scattered at the moment, but I did want to thank Bridget for the goodies I won in her bloggiversary contest.  As you can tell by the title of the post, we were most excited about the Dogsbars.  Dog for Dog’s Dogsbar is new to us, and the fur-girls have proclaimed it awesome, so now I must find more.   (It operates on what I call the Toms theory; buy one, give one.)


If you want to actually SEE dogs on Thursday, you’ll need to click over and see the blooper-like photo from my attempt at a photo shoot.

Bridget didn’t know that I’ve been thinking maybe I need to reconnect with the sock mojo that had a lot to do with my knitting addiction, so I’m delighted to have a new book and some pretty sock yarn to inspire me.  (There are in fact, two of everything except the book, so much yarn and a bar per dog, not that Sissy thinks that’s fair.  Sissy believes they should share each bar, with her getting the lion’s share, because is both larger and the Queen… and in fact, that’s how we roll in the Woods, because Sissy is the alpha dog and Gretchen is quite a bit smaller… and almost plump.)

So, I’m most grateful for Bridget’s very generous prize, but I’m really very touched that she – that anyone – is aware enough of me, my blog, the furgirls, their blog, and Sissy’s tremendous run of food allergies.   It was a truly special package!

I’m also very thankful for the incredible leadership team in the JLC.  I’m moved beyond words by the dedication so many of these women have to our organization, by their continued above and beyond performances.   It makes the tough jobs a little nicer when you are shoulder to shoulder with women who are willing to give a lot extra and share the same vision for what we are here do to.

Now, back to collecting my thoughts and preparing my remarks for tonight.  What are you thankful for today?

Ramble, Raffle, BROOD, Bentley

Because life does ebb and flow, I cried at a stoplight on my way home yesterday.  Not only had I enjoyed a rooftop meeting on a perfect late-summer evening with two passionate, League-leader-friends, but when I checked my email, I found a wonderful surprise…

I won.

Image property of Sir Bentley Art

Image property of Sir Bentley Art

I do enter raffles when they benefit a cause I want to support, and I do aspire to a life stage when I can do more than just pay dues and throw a few extra dollars now and again at Basset Rescue of the Old Dominion.  (Virginia = Old Dominion)  I had meant to check on some of the auctions for this weekend’s Ramble (think bassets on parade?), but life got in the way.  Thank goodness for social media; somehow, I managed to click over and enter a special raffle for some Sir Bentley scenes.  The four seasons were represented, and the winter one is based on the Christmas Carol.

No coincidence;  I love that story.  I can’t wait to see this in person.  I can’t wait to take the Knight shopping for a special curio cabinet or something for the blessed treasure.

But wait!!  There’s more!  We get a custom sculpture too.  Basically Bloggless Susan and I have been in conference – it seems the DIVA already has an agent – and we have an idea…

I am beyond excited.

I can wish you a happy Thorsday after all.  Gretchen is all about her happy Thorsday, because she’s showing off her birthday loot.  I am still so very sad for my friends and relations who have big doggy holes in their hearts, but I am insanely thankful for the generosity that allows for special raffles and awed winners.  I am grateful for every rescue everywhere, and all the people who care about pet health, safety and well-being.   And I am pleased that I still seem to have that lucky horseshoe or whatever it is that allows me to win more than my fair share of goodies.

So, happy little friday too.  Funny thing about these short work weeks…  Monday is really extra sunday, Tuesday is fake monday, Wednesday doesn’t feel like the middle of the week because it really isn’t, but Thursday is still little friday.

Do you have any really cool art?

Warp and Weft

The weavers out there are already anticipating the contents of this post.  Let me set the record straight; I don’t weave, I don’t plan to weave, and despite Basically Bloggless Susan’s patient efforts, I’m still not entirely clear on anything more than that warping a loom is a good thing, and weft is another weaving term she’s defined for me at least six times.

(But first, how do you spell bloggless?  I’ve spelled it double “g” and not, and my spell checker isn’t happy either way.  While we’re at it, let’s settle on the preferred spelling for bloggiversary too.)

August 2013 001

In the meantime, ooh and ahhh over BBS’s weaving finished results.

Now class, who can tell me what – or whom? – inspired each scarf?

August 2013 003We’ll start with the trickiest first.  It’s a perfect off-white, and that’s your only hint.

Yeah, this one is all me.  I’ll be sporting this scarf as soon as the temperature drops below 60 degrees, and regularly so.   Does anyone other than Susan remember that I was hooked on “winter white” in the spring?  It’s a great color for me.  I’m too pale to wear black alone near my face, and a really crisp white is perhaps even worse.  But temper either just a bit and I’m golden.

And I love brocade.  I don’t know what this pattern is REALLY called, but it reminds me of a brocade, and that makes me happy too.

Well-done, BBS!  I actually did wear it for a couple of photos, but they were post-workout, so… just take my word for it.  I love *MY* scarf.

There’s your next hint.  There are three scarves, and I am of the mind they are all for me.   BBS or Auntie Sus as the fur-girls call her, did tell me she had the girls in mind as she wove, which led to the girls’ assertion that we EACH received a scarf.

Of course, next up has to be the DIVA and her scarf – or as I prefer to look at it, the scarf she and her royal purple inspired.

August 2013 004

Isn’t that stunning?  I love the blues and purples and wines, offset by the black.  It will go with so very much of my colder weather attire, not that I’m wishing away summer.  (It seems to be leaving of its own free will.  What strange weather we’ve had in 2013.  I’m still worried about late hurricane season.)

August 2013 008

Anyway.  DIVA’s scarf.  Yes, she’s wearing it as a belt.  Weren’t you paying attention when I said I snapped these photos post-workout?  Sis pants on her walks, and then cools down with ice chips, so … the scarf was modeled somewhere safe and dry.

Plus, it didn’t cause her to overheat.  Because I wasn’t trying to get a great “head shot” I was able to wrap, tie, shoot and set her free again in no time.  Oh, the trials and tribulations of amateur doggy model photographers!

So, last but not least is the stunning Gretchen Greer inspired scarf.

August 2013 002

I love the colors in this one too.  It makes me all the more determined to find a kelly green – excuse me, EMERALD green – coat while it is the color of the year!  (Sorry Gg, PANK is your signature color, but Pantone had other ideas for 2013.)

August 2013 005This might be my new favorite photo of the wee one.  She’s very happy with HER scarf, and unlike the DIVA, she’s never been too hot in her life, so she got wrapped up in THE scarf for her photo shoot.

Don’t tell her or her Dadaw, but I think she looks better in the blues and greens than she does PANK, although the PANK does bring out the pink in her pretty little tongue.

Do you look best in your favorite color?

Thanks Susan, for my  our  the scarves.   *I* will enjoy wearing them.  At the moment, they’re hanging with my other scarves, so two certain hairy girls who pant can’t claim your handiwork… not that you’d mind if they did.  Maybe we’ll sport all three of them in our Christmas card photo shoot.  (Which reminds me; I guess I need to schedule a session with one of my photographer friends.  I’ve been saying for years that’s what I want to do, so maybe this is the year!)

Weft is a real word.   PANK is not, except here in the woods, but then we think four-leafed clovers happen because a fairy stepped there (explains why there are so many around here), and I might or not think Gretchen Greer is really a magical creature.

Where’s the magic in your world?

Fight for the Living

Thank you for the prayers, kind words and support after yesterday’s post.  Sadly for the world, blessedly for the suffering, another friend’s sister gave up her fight early this morning. 

UntitledSo how timely that my favorite cousin popped in yesterday – herself, a cancer survivor x2 – for hugs, laughs, jabs at the Knight (whom I’m sure she claims as HER favorite cousin), and some perfect gifts.

The shower cap is a highly personal joke, but let’s just say that thanks to my well-traveled cousin, I am pretty sure I have the best international shower cap collection anywhere.

The Mother Jones card is just because she saw me “like” a post on Facebook.  Mother Jones is an American civics icon and an inspiring woman.  If you don’t know her story, click over.   Her quote, “Pray for the dead, and fight like hell for the living!” is one of my favorites, and ever so appropriate right now.

Have you gotten any great gifts lately?

Technology Fail

I have 10 photos – or multiples of about 4 photos? – that Flickr’s i-Stuff app just won’t load.   But never fear…  Flickr’s inability to play well with Verizon’s varying signal strength or whatever the problem is won’t stop me from sharing my good Wednesday mail day with you.

Courtesy of TSoV

Courtesy of TSoV

The real surprise was my paw bangle from Three Scoops of Vanilla.  I ordered it IMMEDIATELY, as soon as I saw more were available.   I had to visit said Facebook listing to get the photo, but y’all needed to see this!   I discovered Three Scoops of Vanilla when she did a fundraiser for Blind Dog Rescue Alliance and I scored my beloved browns/creams/aubergine beaded bracelet, and she has a great special every Monday, which you can find on her website or on Facebook.

Now, the surprise wasn’t that it’s gorgeous… see above… I already knew I loved her work.  The surprise was because I kinda’ forgot that I ordered it via Paypal, which means that it came to the Knight.  He opened it and laughed, “This isn’t for me.”   I had told him that he’d bought me a bracelet, but evidently, neither of us were expecting it so quickly.

Courtesy of DbK

Courtesy of DbK

The other package was just as delightful.  Krystle dyed yarn last year for a few of us doing a mystery KAL (knit-along), and she did it again this year.   You can read more about her yarn dyeing, interior designing and more if you click on her name or the photo. 

Obviously, the bottom right is PANK for me – and for Gretchen Greer.  It’s merino laceweight, and Gg has given it her seal of approval; I didn’t get it out of the box before she was kissing and loving on the yarn.   Frankly though, I’d have been delighted with any of those hues!

photo.JPGLast but not least, today’s a really important day!  It’s National Take Your Dog to Work Day, and I’d like to thank my inlaws and Shadow for arranging their vacation around said event so that the fur-girls, the Knight, Uncle and Bert (the Knight’s LONG-time assistant, pre-dating Neighbor Guy) for being good sports.   Good thing I have a wealth of stock photos of the girls at work, eh Flickr?  😦

But hold the phone…  it’s also the first day of summer which means it’s also National Wear Your Lilly Day!  Can you imagine the joy in my little preppy, dog-lovin’ heart?!  I’m wearing my Gigi cyan dress today to honor the collision of two really awesome celebrations.  Because it’s a coolish first day of summer here in podunk, and because the fur-girls are at work with me, I added cropped leggings underneath.  I’ve decided that tunics and leggings make me almost as a happy as a sheath dress… maybe even happier, because a sheath dress isn’t exactly ideal dog-ma attire, but a tunic and leggings?  I can scoop up a fretful Gg and laugh at Sissy slobber and still look a little polished. 

LP Captiva Tunic in High Beams

LP Captiva Tunic in High Beams

And since the great shot of my bangle AND my Lilly won’t upload, here’s the tunic I think the girls want me to have for my birthday.  I might go buy it later today…

Have you gotten anything exciting in the mail recently? 

Any great first weekend of summer plans?

Goodness part 2

I don’t even know where to start, so fasten your seatbelt and hang on.

Firstly, I’ve given another update on the fur-girls’ blog.  The short version is Gg is doing well, had her drain removed and the new vet is awesome.  Stitches come out soon, and we MIGHT be able to ditch the cone of shame then, which would make my little “I’m healed already!” girl very happy.

Then, my personal trainer – Sissy – demanded a run yesterday.  I was trying out my other new shoes – the New Balances – and I can say that while the sole is a little firm for my tastes, it performed admirably on wet pavement, over a mucky gravel road and in a brief pounding on the concrete section of the road.  No blisters, and I do have to say I think the NB lacing system suits me best of all the brands I’ve worn.   Maybe in time, the sole will feel more flexible.

Courtesy of Amy's blog

Courtesy of Amy’s blog

While that’s all good, I do have two more pieces of goodness to share.  First, the always thinking of others Amy sent my Christmas present, since we can’t seem to get together.  Why yes, I do feel quite guilty that I can’t get her baby’s present mailed, much less Christmas goodies a month later.  Gah!  

Isn’t it lovely?  I’d love suggestions.  It’s just shy of 400 yds., and if you’re curious about the details, follow the link above to Amy’s post about the handspun.  Thanks so very much Amy, for the beautiful handspun and for your friendship.

photo.JPGLast but hardly least is my tee from Pack Mom.   I entered a contest last month, and I was one of the lucky winners!  It’s a really pretty, dark red tee.  Why yes, a certain DIVA dog has been feeling left out over the past week and does keep inserting herself into things.  I figured it was somehow fitting here…  You know it says “…Pack…” even if her head does cover the P and the A, right?

The well-timed package arrived on Friday, while I was still reeling from a very late night with Gg and the emergency surgery.  It was wrapped in a similar red, tied with a turquoise ribbon.  I just love that color combination, don’t you?

photo.JPGAnd here’s the back of the tee, without any canine models.  Thanks Pack Mom!  Jenn was even very helpful as I tried to figure out what size I wanted.  Those ladies fitted tees are tricky, aren’t they?

Thanks ladies, and thanks to all of you who have checked in on the wee one, offered advice, etc.  It’s all meant so very much, and I hope that we’ve turned the corner and Gg is on the mend.

Have you gotten any goodies in the mail lately?

Fur-girls immortalized?

Happy Thorsday, little friday, Thankful Thursday, eve of last day of work before a long weekend for many of us…

DSC03227Gretchen is lobbying for royalties and the lawsuit that would be necessary to make them happen.  Hem.  She’s supposed to be my not-trouble-maker!! 

What say you?  Does the ornament basically blogless Susan sent favor Sissy and her tutu too much?  (Follow the link above to the girl’s blog to see Sissy in her pink tutu if you need to refresh your memory!)

Personally, I say no.   When the JLC was looking into doing a cookbook, we learned that if you change as few as three things in a recipe, copyright issues go out the window.  So…


  1. Ornament hound is a tri-color…  maybe.  Sis is registered as a lemon and white, but is arguably only two colors – reddish-lemon and white. 
  2. Ornament hound is wearing pearls.  Gg is my necklace-wearer.  (Yeah, that’s a stretch too…  Sis will wear most anything I put on her.)
  3. Ornament hound has no freckles, and Sissy has freckles everywhere, especially on her feet and legs.

e44d4104-9367-4c77-a468-f9cc552bbc96Now, Susan’s Gg-like present is also quite the look-alike.   Dock the tail and it’s pretty darned close too!


Puppy Gg around 4 months.

Which gift do you think is most like the fur-girl it represents? 

Do you collect items of your dogs breed or likeness?

I want to do theme trees one year.  I think we almost have enough to do both a fire department themed tree and a dog-themed tree.  I’m pretty sure the bassets are the dominant ornaments; I just don’t find as many Jack Russell ornaments for some reason.   Odd, given that JRTs (or any AKC variation on the breed) are very popular in these parts.

Thankful?  I’m thankful for thoughtful friends who REALLY get me and my dogs.  I’m thankful for friends and relations whom all seem to be focusing more on the reason for the season than on shopping and gifts.  And I’m thankful for the special times with friends and family that happens around Christmastime each year.

What are you thankful for today?


The fur-girls know when something in the mail is theirs.  I guess we all had a clue, just from looking at the stamps!


I thought the Brittany was a basset at first glance, in part because I know the sender from our basset hound group on Ravelry.  Still pretty awesome though, huh?

And their were special Sissy-approved treats in the box too, but this is after all MY blog, so I thought I’d share a photo of what was in there for me!

photo.JPGI had a little trouble getting a good photo, but if you’re on Ravelry, here’s a link to the original project page.  Natalie no longer has a basset to help her, so she was able to get some great photos of just the bag. 

(Why yes, the bag IS sitting on the DIVA.  Your point?)

photo.JPGThe above photo is too dark, but the colors are fairly accurate.  This photo is over-exposed, but gives you a better view of the details. 

If you’re wondering about the post’s title, the pattern name is Around About.   It’s a fun, functional felted bag, made from the remnants of some wool I sent Natalie when she wanted to make a felted bed for the new feline resident in their home.  I’m pretty sure I got the better end of this deal, even before Natalie pointed out that I am not caring for an aged cat!

How was your weekend?  I had a great time at Mistletoe Market and thoroughly enjoyed the holiday tea also at the Boar’s Head.  I had a great, loose jasmine tea, and the setting – company included – couldn’t have been better.  We had an intimate little room with a fireplace, perfect for a damp, chilly tea time.  I’ll share my MM finds another day… after I get some photos in decent lighting, probably with my “real” camera rather than just my phone’s camera.

Birthday Highlights

Why yes, it is well over a week after my birthday, and nearly two weeks since the birthday festivities kicked off with the arrival – in my office – of my first gift.  gMarie and the Knight were in cahoots, and a pink pearl wisteria (not in bloom, so no photo) has come to live in the woods.   I can hardly wait to see it in bloom, but I hear that indeed…  I’ll have to wait.  Hrmph.

That was followed by quite the birthday eve eve on Friday.  My sweet sis sent my packages to work for me to open early, and I didn’t wait a moment to slap on my Count Me Healthy bracelet.   I’m currently using it to count my veggie servings, but I can also see it being used to count rows in a short lace repeat (knitting)…  The beads slide.  Not too easily, but that’s the point; they’re counters, not floating charms!  

She also gave me a really pretty commerically made lace bolero, but you’ll have to wait until I wear it and get good photos.

The Friday goodness continued with lunch with Amy.   While Amy’s gifts – and cards – are always thoughtful and spot-on, I’d much rather share a photo of her fabulous made from a vintage pattern (by her talented mom!) attire. 

It was beastly hot and I will confess that I feared the heat would cancel our date.  I think Amy was pretty darned close to miserable, but she looked great and we had a fabulous afternoon together.  I suspect that will be our last lunch before Zoe arrives, so it was an extra-special way to kick off my birthday celebrations.

I’m glossing over the flowers and Edible Arrangements that also arrived at work on Friday.  That’s not to say I don’t treasure them, but this post is long enough without me reconstructing every moment of my birthday giftings.

July 2012 010Grace also sent a special birthday package with much goodness, but Sissy has insisted that I share the cute monster, who does happen to be napping on the shawl, also from Grace.  As with the felted basset I got in May, the purple monster is currently hiding out in a safe, high-up location.  The girls have never bothered one of my “toys” but I do have to take measures to assure they understand that certain items are MINE, even if they do show up in a color that MIGHT lend one to believe they were intended for a fur-girl…

July 2012 005

Sue and her pack also sent a very special box, and I’m sure some of the goodies will show up in other posts, but the card she sent was without a doubt the most must have been made for me commercial card ever.  If not for the apple-green collar I know Sis has NEVER worn, I’d wonder if someone stole a photo of the DIVA on a sand crab hunt!

There will also be a special post on another day…  the Knight found me what appears to be the bag of my (current) dreams.  But you’ll have to wait until I finish putting it through its paces…

Thanks to everyone who helped make my birthday one of the best ever.   I wish I could thank each and every person who sent a card, gave me a gift, or left a note on my Facebook wall, but there are only so many hours in a day…

Felted Friends

Happy Friday!!  Remember the first day out of school?

Yeah.  That’s what this feels like, even though I’m at work.  Last night’s annual meeting & dinner was awesome.   I’m going to have to hit Pinterest and Google later to see if I can find a recipe for the white bean pasta salad.  Most of the meal was great… aside from the green, chilled soup.  It was probably cream based, and all I could taste was onion…

Why no, there aren’t any photos.  I did pose for one that I remember with Jess and Janie, so if it surfaces and I don’t look as wiped out as I did when I got home…  maybe.


Instead, I’ll show you the exceptionally cool gifts from Janie, the outgoing president.  First up is the happy felted basset that was tied into the bow on my package.  (Wrapped in the Lilly P crab paper!!) 

She’s the first felted item that makes me REALLY want to learn.  You have to see her face close up… 


See the pink under her eye?!  So realistic!  Can you see the rolls on her chest?!  There are some on the back of her head as well.  “Loose skin” even on a felted basset!  Joy!!  I’m so glad Janie found her for me.  I might have to venture to Dog House Yarns & More and snag a needle felting kit and start teaching myself…

photo.JPGInside the purdy package was a framed picture of the collaborating co-leaders from the Vintage Vegas photo booth.  I apologize for the quality, but I lacked the energy to go to the study, turn on (maybe even plug in) the scanner…

My favorite is the bottom left, although the bottom right is more indicative of our personalities.  Janie’s poised and sweet, and I’m a little irreverent and silly. 

(On the off chance you care, her dress is PANK, and mine is black with metallic gold.  Between the red background in the booth and the crazy boa I wore all night after acting like a three-year old until the Knight bought yet another ticket in whatever drawing was handing out said boas… )

Dress Barn petite maxi

Oh – and I’m wearing my orange-red-whatever maxi today.  No, you may not have a photo.  I look like something the cat brought in, and I didn’t drink a drop of wine last night.  However, it’s not the dress’s fault.  It’s breezy and comfy.  I feel like I’m in my night gown.  I think skorts just got bumped from summer uniform status, or will as soon as I score some more petite maxis.  Anyone have some suggestions?

(And the paisley blues?  They’re green.  The dress is orange, green, gold, wine and white.)

You didn’t REALLY think I was done shopping, did you?

Any Memorial Day weekend plans?  Don’t forget to remember why we have a Memorial Day.  Thank a veteran.  Salute a flag.  Bow your head when you pass a cemetery…