Blue Bugga Grace

Seems my previous template with WordPress was no longer being supported, so this is the updated version.  I’m a little cranky about the header; on the preview, that black “fabric” box isn’t there.  Oh well.  Otherwise, I’m very happy with the new template, and with Google Chrome.  I just started using it yesterday, and I’m a fan.  I hope it will work on my ancient computer at work…
March 2012 002We interrupt this post report to announce that FINALLY, we’re having a snow day!  It’s still snowing nice and hard here, so enjoy a photo from last month’s snow.  It’ll likely be gone by nightfall if it warms up and this beautiful snow turns to rain, but we’ve already been out and enjoyed it so that’s okay.

What do you do on a snow day?  The Knight has to get in the hot tub and let snow fall on his bare head.  The fur-girls have to rip and race until Gretchen starts to shiver.  Me?  I just like to watch the pure, white blanket cover up everything in sight.  At the moment, I have Gg pressed against my leg, Sissy’s snoring a few inches beyond her, and I have a cup of Dunkin’ Donuts‘ mint coffee at hand.  I’m also catching up on Charmed.  It’s one of the few series I record, and when WE tv stops airing it every weekday, I might cry.

Oh yeah.  That finished object report…  I did title the post accordingly!

March 2012 009

Meet Blue Bugga Grace.  I cast on July 4th and finished December 29th, but it’s a much faster knit than those dates imply.

March 2012 006

Pattern:  Cinnamon Grace is a happy little pattern, but have you ever seen blue cinnamon?  Me neither.  Besides, I started this project back when I was trying to do Project Spectrum.

March 2012 008Yarn:  I couldn’t resist the Sanguine Gryphon’s Skinny Bugga! in blue stink bug.  Now, I’ve never seen a blue stink bug, but we sure were over-run by the brown ones here.   It seems that 10% cashmere isn’t enough to really make a yarn irresistible to Gretchen, but I’m not taking any chances.  The hue was yummy, and the yarn was a joy to knit with.

Needles:  US #2 circs.  I think for a change, perhaps I should have gone up a size.  My scarf didn’t block out nearly as wide/long as the one in the pattern photos.  Oh well.  I still love it!

Verdict:  Great firehouse project.  It was truly mindless and easy to pick up after I hadn’t touched it in weeks.  It’s going to look fabulous with my grey winter coat.

Snow update:  Even the City fire engines are marking out of service to put on chains.  CHAINS.  On March 5th.  I love it!!

What are you loving today?

Shopping by heart

Blind Dog Rescue Alliance bracelet by Three Scoops of Vanilla

Oh, shiny!  Just a quick, drive-by post on a Saturday to shout out for a special fundraiser that has been extend through this weekend.  Actually, I’ve already done that on the girls’ blog, so you can either click on the photo to go shop, or click over to the girls’ for more information.

While I’m here on October 1, we’ll just as briefly mention that while I knitted on my yellow blankie, yellow wasn’t a stellar month for Project Spectrum.  This month’s color is cyan/aqua, which I love, but I’ve cast on for a red cardigan, so…

October is also the ever-important Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Pampered Chef has their own Help Whip Cancer campaign and pink products, as do many companies.  Ford’s Warriors in Pink store is loaded with PANK goodies, and Lilly Pulitzer has a new Murfee Scarf this year, Butterfly Kisses.  (Again… brilliant name, concept, etc.  Love it when a company puts that much thought into marketing and design.)

We love pink, PANK, and whose life hasn’t been touched by breast cancer, so please share your pretty finds with us this month – and always.

As you were…

Moonlight Sonata

Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Hem.  Don’t let the fact that it took two years and a few months to finish this project dissuade you.  This is one of my favorite projects EVER.

July 2011 002

Project:  MooSon  I’ve known since before I cast on that this item was destined for a friend.  The yarn was even dyed by a mutual friend, just for this project.

July 2011 003Pattern:  Moonlight Sonata Shawl   It’s certainly not the pattern’s fault that I kept putting this down.  It’s a well-written, easy to read (meaning the lace itself) pattern.   Life just kept getting in the way and I kept shuffling this project aside.

Yarn:  Gypsyknits Merino Superwash in a custom color.   I simply told Kathy what pattern I had selected and she blended the hues with Jessi in mind.  I know Jessi loves it, but I’m thinking I’m going to have to make myself footies or a narrow scarf out of the leftovers.   Unfortunately, Kathy isn’t dyeing yarns right now, but hopefully one of these days, life will cooperate and we’ll all have the pleasure of seeing more of her fabulous colors play out in yarn!

July 2011 001

Needles:  Ravelry says I used a US #5 circular.  That’s all I can tell you.  That’s what happens when you drag a project out forever.

Verdict:  I’d definitely consider this pattern again.  Maybe one day when it’s not 104 with a heat index far above that, Jessi will model it for all of us, but she’s in the deep south, so don’t look for that photo before oh… late November?

Because of the soft green in there, I also considered this a green project spectrum project. 

I’m looking forward to my cloudy with a chance of drizzle weekend.   I plan on doing a lot of knitting, some League work, some shopping because fewer and fewer of my clothes fit, and I still have hopes for a movie with the Knight whether he likes it or not.   What’s on your weekend agenda?

Spectrum, Spinning and Solidarity

photoWhy yes, I AM ignoring Project Spectrum here on the blog.  See…  I really, REALLY like my blue project, but it got relegated to travel knitting status, and I’m slogging along in the “knit 17 inches” part. 

And this month is pink, which I find entertaining, since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and that’s when I think pink… then and in May, when Pampered Chef does its Help Whip Cancer campaign.

Thanks to solidarity, I already have a pink project nearing completion.  I’m using Knitpicks Gloss in Guava.   When Kathy decided to knit Ubiquitous Kate for her daughter’s bridal shower gift, she spawned a mini-KAL.  I agreed to knit along in support, and gMarie had been looking at those “Kate Knockoff” patterns too, so she and the basically blogless Susan joined in.   Of course, I’m bringing up the rear, but I should finish this month, with ease.

October 2010 005Which means I’m pondering pink projects.  You might recall I got as far as starting the sleeves for the Tea Party Cardi.  Unfortunately, it can’t even be casual, sloppy big on me at this point, and I know that I won’t wear it even if I frog it and start over.  So.  Those of you who love to search patterns on Ravelry…  What does 1120 yards of worsted Spud & Chloe Sweater want to be?  I’m thinking Lilas, a la gMarie’s green version, but mine wants short sleeves.

But then, I also want to do the Dog House Yarn’s KAL, for the Miami Beach Shawl.   However, I’ll have to see what Ultra Pima hues are in stock…

Speaking of Dog House Yarns…  The information on their first spinning retreat is up!    Even if you’re just curious about spinning, come join us.  The program is fabulous, and I have an inkling that there will be much laughter amid the learning and sharing.  There will definitely be an abundance of good food too.

Whistling in the Wind

Life’s be-bopping along, and I swear when Gretchen asks out at 4am, I have ideas for clever posts, but by the time I get a chance to compose something, my mind is busy with the 14 emails I need to answer but haven’t, customer angst (theirs… not mine AS a customer), etc.

Vera’s new fabrics come out on July 7th, which was Daddy’s birthday.  Gretchen and I are very optimistic that the pattern shown on the left will be as pleasing in person as the chocolate, PANK, pink and white are on all the screens we’ve viewed it on.  So far, nothing in the past year or so has tempted me to actually purchase myself any Vera. 

For your entertainment, I do have to rant about those knee socks.  I LOATHE knee socks.  I’m not built for them, for starters.  Even when I am slim and lean, my calves are short and strong, which is to say that knee socks are too long and they cut of the circulation at wherever the highest point ends up falling.

I also owe you a Project Spectrum, month of my historically favorite color (green) update, but alas, there’s more knitting to do on the truly green project and blocking too…  I do realize tomorrow is the last day of the month, and it is with both a heavy sigh and a lot of pride I accept that I’m not going to finish the main green project on time… unless I knit to the wire (midnight) tomorrow night.  I’m close, so VERY close, but see, I have a date tonight with two fur-girls who believe the universe conspired against them yesterday, what with storms from the very second I pulled in the drive until after dark…


Green project on July 8, 2009

Are you confused about the pride?  Oh.  See…  Main green project was started over two years ago, and I can’t understand why I put it down no fewer than two times.  The yarn is stunning.  The pattern is well-written and made for this yarn – not literally, but they are very well-met.  So, I’m delighted that this ancient project is going to see completion!  (And trust me…  yarn AND pattern are so much more than that tepid photo shows!)


Focus on the "pine" green in there!! It's in there!!

So, I’m looking ahead to July and the color blue.  Yeah, I cheated and knitted blue and green in June, because I was “homesick” for OBX (I’d be cute and say “seasick” but that’s got a separate connotation that is totally inaccurate…).  I can’t wait to block it and be able to wear it, but life keeps getting in the way.  If only I had a weekend with an extra day…

Oh!  Wait!  I do, don’t I? 


Same show, 2009

That also means more knitting time, because I probably won’t do fireworks this year.  See, they upset Gretchen Greer.  She’s smart enough to realize there are no guns going off in the sky, it’s not thunder and yet there’s lightning…  She isn’t to the “freak out” stage yet, and I learned quite by accident last month that microwave popcorn distracts her.

(Yeah.  We live on the edge of a resort that sets of fireworks for weddings, parties, and I think just because it’s been a few weeks since they last set some off…) 

So I seriously plan on popping bag after bag of popcorn Monday night.  I’m lucky that I have an in with the local fire company, so I’ll get a call when the fireworks professionals move into position, and the first bag will go in before the first “boom”.  Here’s the problem though… 

Wait.  There’s an atta’ girl in it for anyone who already knows the answer.  Be honest…


Sissy-ZsaZsa - No pictures and no popcorn!

That’s right.  Sissy-moo can’t eat popcorn.  So what pray tell shall I do with 27 bowls of microwave popcorn Monday night?  Have the firefighters come pick it all up before they return to the station? 

And seriously… how many bags will it take to outlast the fireworks show?  I don’t recall how long the show is, and since I usually pop the mini-bags, I don’t even know how long a regular bag would take in our microwave.  I should have bought a BIG BOX of it at Sam’s Club last night, huh?

Hmmm… somehow, I got distracted from pondering my July-blue knitting project.  I already have yarn and pattern waiting… and yes, you have to wait too.  It’s not July yet!

Lush, cool green

Remember Project Spectrum?  Yeah, at the wire I did start a red May project, and we’ll get to that some other day.  Today’s a new page on the calendar and a new color focus for Project Spectrum. 

June is green, in case the title didn’t clue you in.  I love green, in all its many hues.  From rich, deep, forest green to cool, soothing seafoam, I’ll take ’em all.   Right now, there’s a host of green in nature, what with all the fresh, tender leaves that have popped out over the past few weeks, the green grass…

Farmer Mugsy 3But this is one of my favorite green photos.  The Knight and Prince Mugsy, farmin’.  I don’t know that either of our girls would ride the big tractor with him.  Sissy wouldn’t sit still that long and the noises would bother Gretchen…  Of course, Mugsy was a senior dog when this was taken, so he’d had time to settle into a more mature personality!

DSC00924I even think I’ve already settled on my green knitting for the month.  I have an OLD project I want to finally finish up, and then I think I’m going to turn this cotton-linen blend into a pair of house socks.  My feet are almost always cool, and there aren’t many patterns that only require 126 yards! 

But don’t hold me to that.  Finishing up my red project this week, finishing up another work in progress that’s not red or green, and working on the OLD green project are my priorities.  By the time I do all of that, who knows what Mojo will want?!  Heck, who knows what Mojo will want tomorrow?! 


Spinning?  Well, this pine merino my sister snagged for me has been calling to me since the day she handed it over… 

Where do you see green?

Not Seeing Red

So far, Project Spectrum isn’t inspiring my knitting mojo.  I’ve visited a lot of the reds in my stash, and nothing wants to jump on the needles.  I have a tomato cotton not logged in my stash (how does this happen?  pfst… it just does) that might want to be a tank, vest or cropped, short-sleeved cardi or something. 

I did smile at the first blooms on Mugsy’s rose bush this year.  That’s a rich, stunning red, but I don’t have any yarn that color, nor would I feel inspired to knit with it, so it seems. 

I do have some coral in my stash, but … nothing is jumping up and down to get on my needles.

Dress Barn

Instead, here’s a dress that doesn’t precisely hit the red mark, but as out of character as it is for me in both style and color, I think I want this dress!

What shoes would you wear with it?  I have a couple (well, three) pairs of shoes that might work with it, but as you know, I’m really loving wedges right now, and I think pink wedges would be lovely, or these

Sigh.  MJ and I just spent I don’t know how long looking through multiple shoe sites for pink wedges.  Pout.  Nothing, unless I want to pay $200 for some Lilly P … and I don’t.

Where do you see red?  Do you have an inspiration for me?

Mojo Mayday


Gretchen posing with some laceweight red yarn...

Mayday, mayday… mojo down…

Hem.  Happy May Day, and thanks to Kristyn for tuning me in to Project Spectrum 5.    Here’s a quick list of the color studies by month:

May – Red :: June – Green :: July – Blue :: August – Pink :: September – Yellow :: October – Cyan/Aqua :: November – Black/White/Grey

I reserve the right to monkey with the colors.  At this moment, only September and its yellow isn’t appealing to me, but if Sissy wasn’t snoring at my hip, she’d be ticked that Gretchen has a pink month but there’s no purple month.  (YOU explain primary colors to her then!!) 

Are you participating?  If so, how?  Different mediums?  I saw on Facebook that Barbara really got in the spirit of things and served barbeque for dinner tonight.  Heh.  Purely through dumb luck, I happen to be wearing a dark red shirt at the moment.  Anyhoo, I wear a good bit of red naturally, but my plan for Project Spectrum is to use it to reconnect with my mojo.  I’m going to go grab me some red yarn and let it tell me what it wants to be and cast on!   (No, not that laceweight in the photo.  At least, I don’t think so…  I haven’t gone stash-diving yet.  Stay tuned!)