Happy Samday!

Happy Dogs on Thursday, little Friday, and most of all, happy belated first birthday to my niece Sam. 


That’s her cake, from our local Sammy Snacks.  Sam actually gets her kibble and some snacks from there too.  (Their fiber content wasn’t high enough for Sissy’s special needs.)  My girls were invited to the party, but sadly my own holiday party plans conflicted.  (However, thanks to Rosanne and her household’s early Christmas gift, my girls are Sammy Snacking just the same!  They’re crazy for the cranberry flavor.)

sam12Sam’s a big girl, but my sister did only allow her a bit of cake before the rest was packaged up to be special treats for the future. 

If you’re not familiar with doggy bakery cakes, that’s not sugar.  They’re made with human-grade ingredients, but the “frosting” isn’t sweet at all.  The dogs don’t seem to mind, but I won’t bother licking my fingers next time I serve some.

sam2Sam also had to suffer through a holiday photo shoot over the weekend.  I’m pretty sure this isn’t the one they’re going to use, but I lurvers it!  Belly rubs are popular with the fur-girls in our family.

Happy birthday, Sam!  We’ll have to meet up at the dog park after Gretchen has her next round of puppy shots later this month.  Sam and Sissy have a ball together, but they’re rather rambunctious, so Gretchen will have to be up to the challenge!

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Three Dogs Full

Happy Dogs on Thursday!  As promised earlier this week, today’s post is all about our visit to cousin Sam’s on Saturday. 

The greeting session was as wild and loud as could be.   Sam – the dark blur with the red collar, belonging to my sister and her husband – wasn’t able to contain her excitement over visitors.  Mugsy just wanted to greet my sister, and Sissy thought it was all a bit much and wasn’t sure where to turn.  Mugsy and Sam shouted out hellos and how do you dos, and the humans just tried to stay out of the way.

The Prince zeroed in on the toys in Sam’s crate, and DEMANDED access to them repeatedly, to no avail.  (Never fear; he was taken into the family room with the humans to play fetch with his auntie while I knitted and the wild girls raced around the kitchen.)

Sissy and Sam played hard, for over an hour, and then I took both girls outside before we said our good-byes.  My sister reports that Sam slept quite a while, and our two did as well, because as soon as we got home, the Knight and I turned around and headed out to dinner. 

A good time was had by all.  Thanks for hosting romper room, Sis!

Meet Samantha…

Sam’s the dog.  The guy in the background is my brother inlaw.  He and my sister welcomed Sam into their home last weekend.  She’s a three month old black lab, and she already has them under her spell!

She will meet her doggy cousins this weekend, if all goes well.  She and Sissy should be about the same size, and the poor prince will be out-numbered!  Of course, there will be plenty of humans on hand to play too…

Welcome to the family, Sam! 

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