Warp and Weft

The weavers out there are already anticipating the contents of this post.  Let me set the record straight; I don’t weave, I don’t plan to weave, and despite Basically Bloggless Susan’s patient efforts, I’m still not entirely clear on anything more than that warping a loom is a good thing, and weft is another weaving term she’s defined for me at least six times.

(But first, how do you spell bloggless?  I’ve spelled it double “g” and not, and my spell checker isn’t happy either way.  While we’re at it, let’s settle on the preferred spelling for bloggiversary too.)

August 2013 001

In the meantime, ooh and ahhh over BBS’s weaving finished results.

Now class, who can tell me what – or whom? – inspired each scarf?

August 2013 003We’ll start with the trickiest first.  It’s a perfect off-white, and that’s your only hint.

Yeah, this one is all me.  I’ll be sporting this scarf as soon as the temperature drops below 60 degrees, and regularly so.   Does anyone other than Susan remember that I was hooked on “winter white” in the spring?  It’s a great color for me.  I’m too pale to wear black alone near my face, and a really crisp white is perhaps even worse.  But temper either just a bit and I’m golden.

And I love brocade.  I don’t know what this pattern is REALLY called, but it reminds me of a brocade, and that makes me happy too.

Well-done, BBS!  I actually did wear it for a couple of photos, but they were post-workout, so… just take my word for it.  I love *MY* scarf.

There’s your next hint.  There are three scarves, and I am of the mind they are all for me.   BBS or Auntie Sus as the fur-girls call her, did tell me she had the girls in mind as she wove, which led to the girls’ assertion that we EACH received a scarf.

Of course, next up has to be the DIVA and her scarf – or as I prefer to look at it, the scarf she and her royal purple inspired.

August 2013 004

Isn’t that stunning?  I love the blues and purples and wines, offset by the black.  It will go with so very much of my colder weather attire, not that I’m wishing away summer.  (It seems to be leaving of its own free will.  What strange weather we’ve had in 2013.  I’m still worried about late hurricane season.)

August 2013 008

Anyway.  DIVA’s scarf.  Yes, she’s wearing it as a belt.  Weren’t you paying attention when I said I snapped these photos post-workout?  Sis pants on her walks, and then cools down with ice chips, so … the scarf was modeled somewhere safe and dry.

Plus, it didn’t cause her to overheat.  Because I wasn’t trying to get a great “head shot” I was able to wrap, tie, shoot and set her free again in no time.  Oh, the trials and tribulations of amateur doggy model photographers!

So, last but not least is the stunning Gretchen Greer inspired scarf.

August 2013 002

I love the colors in this one too.  It makes me all the more determined to find a kelly green – excuse me, EMERALD green – coat while it is the color of the year!  (Sorry Gg, PANK is your signature color, but Pantone had other ideas for 2013.)

August 2013 005This might be my new favorite photo of the wee one.  She’s very happy with HER scarf, and unlike the DIVA, she’s never been too hot in her life, so she got wrapped up in THE scarf for her photo shoot.

Don’t tell her or her Dadaw, but I think she looks better in the blues and greens than she does PANK, although the PANK does bring out the pink in her pretty little tongue.

Do you look best in your favorite color?

Thanks Susan, for my  our  the scarves.   *I* will enjoy wearing them.  At the moment, they’re hanging with my other scarves, so two certain hairy girls who pant can’t claim your handiwork… not that you’d mind if they did.  Maybe we’ll sport all three of them in our Christmas card photo shoot.  (Which reminds me; I guess I need to schedule a session with one of my photographer friends.  I’ve been saying for years that’s what I want to do, so maybe this is the year!)

Weft is a real word.   PANK is not, except here in the woods, but then we think four-leafed clovers happen because a fairy stepped there (explains why there are so many around here), and I might or not think Gretchen Greer is really a magical creature.

Where’s the magic in your world?

Carry Her Back…

Virginia’s state song used to be Carry Me Back to Old Virginny.  We are without one right now, but nonetheless, it inspired the naming of said project.  You see, a dear friend of mine is moving and we are quite hopeful that in two years when her husband retires from his military career, they will move back here.  That should put the rest of this finished object report in perspective.

UntitledProject:  It Better Carry Her Back…

Pattern:  Knitspot/Anne Hanson’s Fruit of the Vine.  I chose this pattern because I wanted a scarf that could alternately be used as a stole.   It was perfect, because it was an Anne Hanson pattern (she’s a favorite lace designer of mine) so that means it was well-written with both charts and text, but it was also just what I wanted… a pattern that spoke volumes about our friendship and her time here in The Commonwealth.

Yarn:  Filatura Di Crosa Superior is probably my most favorite luxury yarn.  It’s cashmere and silk, and I have to presume it is what knitting with whipped butter would feel like.   I knew from the moment I decided to knit for my friend that I had the precise yarn in my stash; I was fortunate that Ms. Hanson’s pattern was easily adapted for the fuzzy, soft laceweight yarn.

UntitledNeedles:  Gretchen’s beloved rosewood #6 straights.  Yes, larger than recommended, because the yarn is fuzzy and I wanted to make it stretch as far as I could.   (Long-time readers might recall that baby Gg nibbled on one of these needles as a wee puppy, but the Knight saved the day – and the pricey knitting tools – by sanding the teeth marks right out with a VERY fine grade of sandpaper.)

Verdict:  I wish I’d happened to have two balls of said yarn to make it longer, but I know it will be appreciated and quite functional as-is.

What are you knitting?  I need to cast on for something new.  Something baby, that I can finish in oh… 10 days.  I have a very important baby shower on the 8th.  What do you knit for summer babies?

Blue Bugga Grace

Seems my previous template with WordPress was no longer being supported, so this is the updated version.  I’m a little cranky about the header; on the preview, that black “fabric” box isn’t there.  Oh well.  Otherwise, I’m very happy with the new template, and with Google Chrome.  I just started using it yesterday, and I’m a fan.  I hope it will work on my ancient computer at work…
March 2012 002We interrupt this post report to announce that FINALLY, we’re having a snow day!  It’s still snowing nice and hard here, so enjoy a photo from last month’s snow.  It’ll likely be gone by nightfall if it warms up and this beautiful snow turns to rain, but we’ve already been out and enjoyed it so that’s okay.

What do you do on a snow day?  The Knight has to get in the hot tub and let snow fall on his bare head.  The fur-girls have to rip and race until Gretchen starts to shiver.  Me?  I just like to watch the pure, white blanket cover up everything in sight.  At the moment, I have Gg pressed against my leg, Sissy’s snoring a few inches beyond her, and I have a cup of Dunkin’ Donuts‘ mint coffee at hand.  I’m also catching up on Charmed.  It’s one of the few series I record, and when WE tv stops airing it every weekday, I might cry.

Oh yeah.  That finished object report…  I did title the post accordingly!

March 2012 009

Meet Blue Bugga Grace.  I cast on July 4th and finished December 29th, but it’s a much faster knit than those dates imply.

March 2012 006

Pattern:  Cinnamon Grace is a happy little pattern, but have you ever seen blue cinnamon?  Me neither.  Besides, I started this project back when I was trying to do Project Spectrum.

March 2012 008Yarn:  I couldn’t resist the Sanguine Gryphon’s Skinny Bugga! in blue stink bug.  Now, I’ve never seen a blue stink bug, but we sure were over-run by the brown ones here.   It seems that 10% cashmere isn’t enough to really make a yarn irresistible to Gretchen, but I’m not taking any chances.  The hue was yummy, and the yarn was a joy to knit with.

Needles:  US #2 circs.  I think for a change, perhaps I should have gone up a size.  My scarf didn’t block out nearly as wide/long as the one in the pattern photos.  Oh well.  I still love it!

Verdict:  Great firehouse project.  It was truly mindless and easy to pick up after I hadn’t touched it in weeks.  It’s going to look fabulous with my grey winter coat.

Snow update:  Even the City fire engines are marking out of service to put on chains.  CHAINS.  On March 5th.  I love it!!

What are you loving today?

Spiceberry #2

Well the holiday season is upon us whether we’re ready or not.  I had a holiday party Friday night, a tea on Saturday and my sister’s birthday dinner was last night.   As part of her present, I whipped out another Spiceberry scarf.  (Link to the first one)

December 2011 007

Project: Spice Berry #2.   Original, inspired name, eh?  Oh well. 

Pattern:  My own, which is to say cast on 16 and knit every row until the scarf is the desired length.  Being garter stitch, it has a LOT of stretch, so it can be pulled out longer or shorter as the wearer desires.   I used roughly a ball and a half of yarn, if that helps?

Yarn:  Universal Spice Berry.  This color is called Wasabi.  Three points for Universal for a good name!  It also got Gretchen’s attention, which is odd, since the girl generally only wants cashmere, fine merino, etc.  I’m guessing the fact that mohair is the dominant component attracts her?

December 2011 004

Needles:  #11 metal straights.  Wow, does Gretchen hate to hear a loose metal needle hit our hardwood floor!!

Verdict:  I’ve made two and have enough for two more.  They’re fairly quick, mindless knits that look fun and fabulous.  What’s not to love?!

Are you still doing Christmas knitting?  I have one project on the needles and then I’d like to crochet a few dish cloths if time allows.  I’ve thrown in the towel on my red cardigan for this year…  I got inspired to do some not-selfish knitting at the last minute, and I don’t think I need to feel badly about that shift in priorities.

Knitted Sunshine

January 2011 009When I couldn’t find the yarn I wanted for the next project, I eventually remembered that it is yellow month in Project Spectrum world, and I do have a yellow blankie on the needles…  So, grown up and moved across town Neighbor Guy and his bride will get a yellow blankie for their baby… if I finish it this time.  (Very old photo…  I’m well past halfway!)  With all the rain and clouds of late, it’s actually quite cheery to knit on something so sunny.

In other knitting news, I finished a project.  I’ve finished the knitting part of two other projects, but one needs to be blocked and another needs to be blocked, sewn, and then have a waist band added, so don’t hold your breath on those finished object reports, but despite taking 10 months to finish this scarf, it’s a quick, easy project.

December 2010 015Spice Berry Scarf

Pattern:  None, really.  I saw the shop sample at Dog House Yarns last year, asked Rosanne how many stitches she cast on, and then decided I liked 18 stitches and gartered away.

Yarn:  Universal Spice Berry in Herbes de Provence.  (Love a good colorway name!)   I used roughly a ball and a half to get about 60 inches of length.

Needles:  US #11 straights. 

Verdict:  I have 1.5 balls left in this color and 3 more in another colorway, so there will be more very mindless firehouse knitting for Christmas happening.

While I’m talking about Dog House Yarns, anyone going to the spinning retreat later this month?

Wrapped up in the Outer Banks

Look!   Another finished object report!  I actually finished this about a month ago, but evidently, it takes me a while to block and get more photos.

July 2011 006

Blocked... loooong and lean

Outer Banks Aragante

Pattern:  Aragante, my first short-row, side to side shawl.  I can honestly say I’d knit this one again.  It was a pleasant, quick knit, and I’m delighted with the results.  Is it a scarf or a shawlette?  Dunno, but I like it.



Yarn:  Pout.  No, the yarn’s not called Pout, but that’s what I do every time I think about Springvalley aka: Alabama Fiber Dreams not really existing anymore.  Jessi has a great eye for color and really chose good bases for her yarns.  She dyed this Outer Banks light fingering with me – and our vacation spot – in mind, and I couldn’t love it more.

Needles:  US #7 Addi Clicks circs.  I love my Addi Clicks.  I have found some sizes have smoother joins than others, but…

July 2011 007

Lace edge

Verdict:  I’ll get a lot of use out of this one.  It’s long enough to be a scarf, definitely hugs my shoulders without need of a shawl pin, and did I mention the colors are fabulous?

How ’bout that weekend?  I’m looking forward to some time with a friend or two, and I’m trying to figure out how to get to see the last Harry Potter movie.  The Knight probably won’t want to go, and honestly, I do enjoy watching them with Gretchen, who definitely is at least part Crup and really is cute with all the head tilting, attentive watching/listening! 


Leaves are green

photoWell, most are anyway.   I have another finished object to share, FINALLY.

Project:  Sample Lace Leaf   

I am embarrassed to admit I cast on for this project on April 25, 2010.   Isn’t it a pretty little leaf pattern?  I have no idea why, but this was a seriously belabored project for me, despite a decent pattern and GREAT yarn.  Oh well.  These things happen, right?

Pattern:  Plymouth’s Lace Scarf, published in their Ecco Cashmere line.  It was a nice enough pattern, but for some reason, we rubbed each other the wrong way, the whole time.  Truly, it’s not you, it’s me, I’m sure.  Remember, that whole period was one without Mojo…


Yarn:  Be still my heart.  Plymouth Ecco Cashmere, in color 100.   So soft.  A real joy to knit with, even without mojo.

As an aside, here’s Plymouth’s photo of the project.  I blocked and I fiddled, but I couldn’t get the slipped stitch element to look right.   Mine rolled just enough that it lost that pretty scallop.  Hrmph.

Verdict:  Won’t be doing the pattern again, but the yarn was fabulous.   This was done as  a shop sample for Dog House Yarns & More, so at least I know where to find more of the yarn!

While I’m mentioning Dog House Yarns & More, I hope some of you are considering the Holiday Knit ‘n Tea on July 3rd.  My red shawl and I will be there!  What could be better than knitting and tea at one event, other than having lots of friends there too?

One long-term work in progress down, at least two more to go.


That’s what I have planned for my weeked – the three Rs…

Rest, relaxation and retail therapy. 

It’s been a long, full week.  The fur-girls aren’t particularly happy about all the time we’ve spent away from them, but you can read about that for yourself on their blog

I’m hoping to spend some time knitting too.  That’s the cashmere scarf I’ve started.  One repeat down and 21 to go!

I also owe the fur-girls lots of snuggels and play time, so that’s on the agenda too.  What’s on your weekend agenda?


Gretchen stood in on Saturday, as Sissy was sleeping off the nitrous...

… Ridge.  … Lagoon.  I’m so blue that I’m done…

Because of all the blue, I called the project Blue Ridge Lagoon Scarf

Pattern:  Silk Shimmer Scarf, by Leanna Witt, who also happens to be part of Blue Ridge Yarns and Misty Mountain Farm.   The pattern is free with the purchase of Silk Shimmer.  I really, REALLY enjoyed this pattern.  It caused some pooling, but it’s reversible and has just enough texture to make it interesting.

Yarn:  Blue Ridge Yarns Silk Shimmer.   Swoon.   I’m glad I have more of this in my stash, because it’s just incredible.   It’s soft, but it’s not so slippery it’s obnoxious to knit.  I chose this particular colorway because I knew I’d knit most or all of it up at the beach, and the colors sang ocean melodies to me.

Needles:  I used my trusty Crystal Palace bamboo straights in a US #6.  They held onto the silk perfectly.

Hook:  I had to cross my fingers, but the WalMart at the beach did indeed have a Boye size I hook for the border, which I began on the way home, but had to abandon when it became clear that Gretchen just wasn’t going to settle down.

Verdict:  Swoon.  I’d knit this again, but I do also want to see what other patterns have been done with this incredible yarn.  Since this was done as a shop sample for the not-yet-open Dog House Yarns and More, I might get this scarf back one of these days, but I’m not holding my breath.  It’s an incredible yarn, and a sweet little pattern in a great colorway (don’t mind me while I break my arm patting myself on the back), and I don’t suspect it is going to wear itself out as a sample.

Now, I’ve had the delight of watching Dog House Yarns and More (that’s the blog link) grow from a wild-haired idea to a reality, and I’m eager to see it open and share it with each of you.   While we’re awaiting the grand opening, do visit the blog and take a tour of the classroom

I love the Sheep Incognito art on the walls…

What do you think?  She’ll be open very soon, so when shall I meet you there?

Up to my neck…

… in knitted neckwear.

That’s the finally blocked Argosy scarf.  (FO report HERE.)  The only things I can add to the verdict are that it’s even more stunning blocked, but even Noro Silk Garden is still a little rough.   I’ll probably keep this for myself, but it is a bit scratchy on the neck, and since I don’t like turtlenecks much, don’t be surprised if it winds up as a gift.  I love this colorway though!

Then, there’s the moebius I knitted from Jessi‘s handspun.  (FO report HERE.)  Now THAT I’ve already worn next to my sensitive neck skin, even though I will confess I STILL haven’t woven in the ends.  The afternoon I took these photos, it was chilly, so when I went out to move the tractor, I doubled it up around my neck in a fashion something like this:

I’m a little disappointed in the way the cowl seems to want to show its wrong side, but such is the nature of a moebius, I suppose.

Gretchen continues to be possessive of any yarn from Jessi’s house, strangely enough, even after a nice long soak…  (And clearly, she doesn’t think you want to see the “right side” pattern either.)

Have a great weekend!  We’re going to be busy, but I’ll report back on what actually comes to pass after the fact.  I can assure you that the beautiful weather today and tomorrow will be enjoyed to the best of our abilities.

Any big plans on your weekend radar?  Please do stop by Sissy’s blog and help her help Sunny!