Ghost of FO Past

Day #6

Revisit a past F/O

Bring the fortune and life of a past finished project up to the present. Document the current state and use of an object you have knitted or crocheted, whether it is the hat your sister wears to school almost every day, or a pair of socks you wore until they were full of hole. Or maybe that jumper that your did just didn’t like that much…

Remember the crate pad I made Gretchen for her birthday?

I had taken a photo, but for whatever reason, it got lost.  (I think that was the last “I didn’t put the memory card back in the camera” event?)  At any rate, these otherwise darling fur-girls destroyed it this winter, and you’ll just have to take my word for it.  There were broken bits of yarn everywhere.  It surprised me a good bit, because Mugsy loved his snuggle and seemed to know not to scratch and dig in it.  In fact, he was buried with it.

The good boy and his snuggle

I’m rather sure Gretchen’s tiny paws and claws didn’t ruin the snuggle, but I also know that both girls root and dig in their blankies, so for now, we’re sticking with store-bought hand-me downs that the humans have worn out already.  (Or soon, cotton blankies from the human bed that have also been destroyed by the same crazy routine.)  I was disappointed, but dogs will be dogs.  No more crocheted crate pads for these two for a long while!

In other news, Sissy and I are headed out to visit Wondervet again.   I’ll update the girls’ blog (link will appear once I post), but it’s more of the same with Sis’s on-going food allergies and the Dadaw who says “a little bite won’t hurt.”

If bobby pins would work in  her fur, I’d have Sis wear this to the vet’s today!

All Around the Mulberry Bush…

Okay, Sissy’s no monkey, my yarn’s hardly a weasel, and the coffee table isn’t even wooden, but it’s either laugh, cry, or have myself committed, because when one repeats an action destined for disaster over and over, it’s insanity. 

See the depth of the “wrapped” section, around the commercially wound skein?  See the hook, so deeply shoved under all of that yarn?  THAT is what three times around my coffee table looks like when re-wound, in a fashion.  I thought Sissy was with me in the kitchen, but I guess she got tired of hearing, “No.  Get down.  Sissy, no” as she tried to stand on the dishwasher door, so she could pre-wash the dishes on the bottom rack.  Sure, it’s cute now, when she only weighs about 20 lbs., but do you want to chip in for the new dishwasher when her full-grown 45 lb. self snaps the door off its hinges?

Quiet isn’t a good thing with awake toddlers or puppies.  Sigh.  The one thing  I will say is that crochet seems a little sturdier for puppy gallops with yarn.  The hook holds up to her teeth better than my circular needle cables too.  Guess I won’t be ordering a wooden or bamboo hook to try for a while.  Not a stitch dropped, thank goodness, because you wouldn’t believe how hard it is for me to count to 102 with the initial chain.  Seriously.  That dark yarn, and I still have no eye for those little chainermuhdoodles…  Go ahead.  Laugh.  Snort, shake your head.  Calculus and trig I can do, but counting is painful.  The first of my Etsy friends who stops laughing long enough to make me crochet stitch markers AND includes the remedial guide on their use will be paid in gold, yarn, or something fantastic.  I have yarn ADD, and I live with a puppy with ADD, so don’t laugh unless you are laughing WITH me.

It’s no wonder the girl does what she pleases.  She – and her Dadaw – think she’s a celebrity AND a princess.  Please, don’t y’all tell him about doggles.  I’m afraid he’d buy her a pair, and this is a man with skills; he somehow used “peer pressure” to lure his then 84 year old grandfather into buying a pair of BLUE – electric, cobalt blue – DESIGNER sunglasses at the beach one year.  I wish I’d gotten a photo of the two idiots in their matching, designer shades.  Oh, and in case you’re wondering, neither of the spendthrifts ever wore them again after that week.  And you were wondering how I got away with building a stash without borders in just one year?? 

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go do lots more FDDC, SC, BDDC, SC… before I forget how to do the BDDC again.  Oh – thanks to Firefly and the others who explained to pick up both loops.  I do like the way it looks, and perhaps it will withstand the wild woman’s wear and tear for a while.

FO, WIP and More

Before the FO-news: Rush over to Robin’s blog and catch her contest. Let’s really shock her with the number of comments!

Well, D-snuggle is finished, and it worked well this morning on the way to work and again on the cold, poured concrete floor in the office. (It works well enough at home that the Prince would rather not be disturbed for posing.)
The vitals:

Yarn: Ella Rae Amity. I liked it well enough for this project, but it doesn’t drape well enough for anything other than blankies and snuggles. It felt good enough sliding through my fingers, but it’s got that acrylic “fuzz” thing going on. There were knotted joins in both skeins, which again, for a snuggle Mugsy is going to dig and scratch in is fine, but I definitely wouldn’t be pleased if I was using it for a sweater for me, which was the reason I wanted to try this yarn.

Needles: The trust KP Options with the metal tips this time, because Anne warned that I’d need to scratch and dig a bit on those P3 combos. I don’t think I split more than a couple of stitches, and they were easily fixed.

Pattern: Mostly Anne’s, but I did cast on 121 stitches and knitted until Mugsy’s rump was covered. I can’t say enough about this cushy daisy stitch, which is wonderfully dense enough to keep a sweet doggy bottom warm on a cold floor or car seat.

Then, I cast on several times, with three different yarns, for little neighbor Abby’s first coat. It’s a Fiber Trends pattern, done with a sport weight yarn instead of worsted, so it should be small enough to fit the wee lass. Of course, the great thing about knitting for little ones is be they human or canine, I’m about halfway on the back portion now. (Not in this photo, but we had a brief DSL not working episode.) It’s very girly, and I wouldn’t want to wear this stuff next to my skin – the flecks of color are rather coarse – but I think Abby will enjoy it.

Then, there are the flowers. The Knight made me move them off the kitchen island, so the photo isn’t as great, because I couldn’t just shove my nose and the camera into the blooms, but what’s a girl to do!? The man wanted room to cook, and who am I to argue!?

Last, but oh so hardly least, my little splurge on more NH Knitting Mama yarn arrived today. You can get your own here. I am looking forward to knitting with the alpaca lace next week, and if that jade is still there, watch out!!

Do a Dollop of Daisy

With respects to the Daisy Sour Cream folks (the brand of choice in our house, if you care), I have been grinding away on Mugsy’s snuggle, and hope to call it finished this evening. I can’t say enough about this cushy, fun little stitch, which Anne introduced me to in yet another Anne-written dishcloth pattern, which you can find here. Of course, mine looks significantly different than hers, because we knit using different styles, and my variegated yarn doesn’t show the pattern so clearly. Still, I am content, Mugsy will be warm, so very little else matters.


Much of D-Snuggle’s progress (Mugsy’s a boy, and doesn’t care to have a Daisy Blankie, thanks much) was made during Saturday’s gadding around the Commonwealth. (Virginia isn’t really a state, if you care. I mean, it’s one of THE States, but…) On our way to the rest of our adventures, we stopped by to say farewell to Lola and Paula at Limerick Fibres. Pout. Sniff. I did secure a few items for my stash, including a bulky alpaca for Monica’s Eyelet Capelet, some sock yarn (I’m buying in green these days, if anyone is taking notes), and some acrylic blends for more snuggles. I also picked up a Fiber Trends dog coat pattern, because as soon as D-Snuggle comes off the needles, Abby’s snuggle goes on, then, a wee, bitty coat for the tiny gal.
The Knight never flinched, never asked what I spent, NOTHING, which is a clue. Next stop was Sheetz, where the Knight earned his title yet again. I sat in the truck knitting of course, but he brought out a Starbucks Frappacino Dark Chocolate Peppermint Mocha. OH.MY.GOODNESS. If I didn’t know better, I’d drink nothing else until the limited edition disappeared from store shelves. (Yo! Blogger! Frappacino is *SO* a word…)
At the NEXT stop, Gander Mountain, I found out why the Knight was non-pulsed by my big bag of yarn. He just chuckled and kept walking when I picked up a Camelbak and noted that I would never be bitchy again if I could wear one filled with the above-mentioned nectar every day, but we did pick up some things he needed and a couple of gifts.
From there, we had an early dinner with my beloved aunt and uncle. Sigh. Everyone needs a favorite aunt and/or uncle, and the Knight and I are blessed to have his set and mine. We’d want to hang out with them even if they weren’t family. My aunt handed the Knight a card, and within was the key to their beach house, which is where we’ll be for a week, beginning next weekend. I wasn’t planning on taking my laptop, but hem, hem… My aunt did mention that there’s wireless, so I think TWO laptops will go to the beach, so you’ll get to be jealous sooner, rather than after I get home.
Of course, that meant we had to swing into PetsMart for some responsible petpoopsinpublicbags, and while we were there, much goodness jumped into our cart. Like any kid, Mugsy selected the $1.99 squeaker ball as his toy of the evening. All was good until he fell asleep with it in his mouth, which meant every time he breathed, it squeaked. Do I need to tell you that after about three minutes the Knight awoke the Prince, popped the ball out, hid it, and sound sleep was had by all? I also nabbed a Halloween costume for Mugsy, but you’ll have to wait to see that… (Nothing like waiting until the Pedigree age calculator thingee says my boy is 64 to begin the Halloween costume thing, but hey!)
We also hit AC Moore’s. This might surprise you, but all I picked up was a free pattern, the Knit n Style mag (you need it too for the super-cute Tofutsies pattern within!), and a scrappin’ related birthday haul for my mother inlaw. Yeah, I was done shopping for her last week, but the very die cut die she wanted was on one of those “buy me” end caps, and the rest is history. The Knight picked out a handful of Jolie goodies, and who am I to tell him his momma and I don’t need more scrappin’ stuff?
That’s about all of the adventures I think will interest you, so we’ll wrap it up here. Here’s the garden flag the Knight purchased, and the holder, which was part of his anniversary present. (I know, exciting, right?!)



She Knits!

I’ve been knitting all along of course, and once Anne finally gets her package, I’ll prove it. But here’s a shot of the beginnings of Mugsy’s snuggle. The yarn is Amity by Ella Rae. I like it, but it’s got that acrylic fuzz thing going on. Mugsy won’t care though, and has already decided the ball makes a decent pillow. I’m knitting furiously, as wee Abby desperately needs her own snuggle and matching sweater. Anyone have a great pattern for a mini-dog sweater? Seriously, even with a bit of growing room, it will be 8″ x 10″. TINY, but a quick knit.

Love this daisy pattern Anne introduced me to. I cast on 121 stitches and will just follow the 4-row repeat until either I run out of yarn (I have two balls) or until Mugsy is content that he old, thin skin won’t be so cold. Of course, the pattern doesn’t show up so well with this mess of color, but it doesn’t show dog hair so much either, so it’s all good. I liked the pattern for its heft anyway; Mugsy and the Knight would both be mortified if they knew I was knitting the snuggle in a pattern called “daisy.” Mugsy will appreciate it though the next time he has to ride in the Knight’s truck with that cold, leather seat!