Finally Friday

Phew!  It’s been a long week.  Of course, it has something to do with the fact that I get wrapped up in the Olympics and can’t go to bed in a timely fashion…  Isn’t it great to see so many successful, happy athletes? 

Of course, the problem with REALLY being into the Games means I find myself sitting there with my knitting beside me, and not much gets accomplished that way.  Add in Sissy’s EVER-growing exercise needs and Mugsy’s current state, and it’s just not a lace climate in my house.  So, as much as I’m digging the Voyager, it’s been set aside, and in the rare moment I think I might try lace, I’m working on Very Blue Jay.  (A photo tomorrow, perhaps?)

But last night, I got caught up in Secret of the Stole iii fever, and I swatched.  Okay, so I only did about a dozen rows and strung all of 5 beads, but I also made dinner, played with Sissy, worked with Sissy on her “homework”, took Mugsy out a dozen times… 

That’s the first photo I TRIED to take of my kinda’ blocked, kinda’ swatch.  Yes, I had a helper. 

She’s a mama’s girl.  (And no, she’s not really chewing on the needle.  It’s just under her slimy jaw.)  She is my shadow, and didn’t seem to care that I didn’t want her help.  (Note to self:  when really blocking lace, shut the door before Sissy can come in the blocking/guest room.)  But she’s just precious, right?  (And hence, the problem.  Cute trumps manners.)

That’s all the close-up you get.  I had to give up and “block” on the ironing board (pins don’t go thru metal), and then the camera batteries died, but there you go.  I love pearls, and I didn’t want to go to the trouble of knitting with beads for the first time and not be able to see them.  I like the look!  For any of my fellow sostiii knitters, that’s on #3s, but I’m a loose lace knitter.

I also started motif #1.  I’ve decided to just march through the book in order, at least until that ceases to interest me.  I’m using an Addi hook, and I’ll review it after a little more use, but I can tell you I won’t be throwing my Boyes under the bus.

My weekend is pretty relaxed, until Sunday afternoon.  I just want to grab some wax so that when my wheel arrives I can wax on, wax off and spin, all in the same night.  (Hmmm…  What’s on the Olympic broadcast schedule for the middle of the night?)  We need to re-measure Mugsy, because I have no faith in my measurements, and I can’t order the cart until I feel decent about them.  Then on Sunday, I have a Pampered Chef fundraiser for a friend’s church missions fund, followed by dinner with the Knight’s duty crew and a meeting at the firehouse. 

Otherwise, I’ll be knitting or dog wrangling.  How ’bout you?