Bold Rock, New Passion

Some of you know that I love a crisp, not to sweet, not too dry white wine, or anything in the bubbly family… especially Prosecco.  However, I do NOT like beer, ale, lager, etc.  I have found a couple of hard ciders that aren’t bad, but after a stressful, long day at work followed by a League meeting, I listened to a good friend whose hubby is a home-brewer, and ordered the happy hour Bold Rock cider on draft. 

269998dc7a44f24cfc2262567c88d74cNow, I’ve known for a while that central Virginia’s cider industry is on the grow, and I’ve been meaning to make a point to try some.  Wow.  What I had (no, I don’t know the specific variety because I was told I’d like the special so…  I ordered the cider special) was very light-colored, crisp, a little sweet, and just as smooth and not-alcoholic-tasting at all.  I could have had an insane quantity, but fortunately, we were seated just prior to the pre-UVA basketball game rush, and we never saw our server again, not even when we wanted to pay and leave.  (I’m not exaggerating; I all but tripped another server to get told to go to the bar to pay… no, I won’t say where it was because I’ve NEVER had a bad experience there before, and when my friend finally saw our waiter, it seemed pretty obvious there was some sort of wait-staff drama at play…)

Anyway.   You’re getting a photo of Crimson Ridge, just because I like the photo and again, haven’t a clue what I drank, but it was lighter in color than other hard ciders I’ve had.

Now, I want to get to know the VA cider industry, especially those that are local.   Do you like hard cider?