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It was lovely to see Amy yesterday.  I should have taken a picture… she looks like a million dollars!!  Hopefully when she blogs, she’ll share a photo of herself too…

photo.JPGAmy has the heart of a giver.  I think I met her the summer she started Warm Up Winchester (Ravelry link).   The latest total shows the group is roughly only a third of the way to its goal, and the deadline is next Thursday.  I only turned in one hat this year, but I’m sure if any of you wish to contribute, you can leave Amy a comment on her blog and she’ll make arrangements to get your hat.

WuW 2011

Pattern:  Snappy hat – and that it is!   I doubt I have three hours of knitting time invested in this bulky-weight hat that will fit youth through adult.   I made the medium size , but with the ribbing in there, it will stretch considerably.

photo.JPGYarn:  Patons Shetland Chunky in aran.  As synthetics go, it’s not a bad one.  It shines a bit, but it didn’t hurt my hands while I was knitting and it will require no special care by the recipient.

Needles:  US #10.5 circular, US #10 dpns for the final decreases.  I’ve found my hats look neater if I go down one size for the final rounds and do them on dpns.

Verdict:  Who doesn’t love a quick, pleasant knit?  I might be making more of these.  While I love my sport weight knitted hat, my ears are getting cold already, and I haven’t walked when it is below 40 degrees yet. 

October 2010 003

Me in the WuW 2010 hat

Do you have a favorite hat pattern?  Do you wear hats?  I happen to know the Knight thinks I look ridiculous in “stocking caps” but Sissy doesn’t care and Gretchen understands that warm trumps everything…

Except walks.  Those dogs want their walk no matter what the weather, unless it’s POURING rain.  Of course, my definition of “raining too hard” doesn’t quite match theirs either.

Note to the furgirls:  It’s not looking good for today’s walk either.  Of course, given that even Sissy refused to go outside to potty this morning until the rain eased up, maybe they’ll be understanding…


I mentioned the charity hat earlier this week, and now that it is finished, I can blog it.

Project:  WuW 2010

October 2010 001

Pattern:  Scrunchable Hat.  It was quick – very quick – and it handled the pooling of a variegated yarn well.  I liked the pattern very well until the decreases.  It was fine and followed the pattern for the first couple of decreases, and then it didn’t…  I’d do it again though.

October 2010 003Yarn:  Ella Rae Amity.  I’d say more, but I already devoted a whole post to this yarn, which I can’t find in colors I want anywhere.  Hrmph.

Needles:  My little shorty US #8 circular.  It was born to do hats.

Verdict:  I wanted a quick hat knit, and I got one that worked well with the yarn I used.  What more can a knitter ask?

In other news, I’m headed out shortly to meet Amy for lunch and to do some shopping.   The weekend is full of fun and friends, but plans are still coming together, so you’ll just have to check back later and see what happened.

What’s on your weekend agenda?


–noun 1.

friendship; peaceful harmony.


mutual understanding and a peaceful relationship, esp. between nations; peace; accord.


Or, a happy yarn from Ella Rae.
See, yesterday sent me on a stash dive, into the stuff I don’t have logged on Ravelry because it’s most likely to be used for charitable or dog knitting.    I grabbed a variegated ball of Amity, a 75% acrylic, 25% wool blend, and cast on for the hat I promised Amy I’d hand over when we meet later this week.  I think I’ve donated 2 of the 3 years she’s been doing Warm Up Winchester.  
DSCN0633_edited-1Amity is a bit fuzzy, but it’s so soft to the hand and it wears like steel.  This I know, because my babyman – Mugsy – had a snuggle made from it, and it was washed and tossed in the dryer a couple of times a month for about a year.  He didn’t go anywhere without it.  It was his seat cover at home, work and especially in the car.   I think I’ve found the yarn to use for baby #3’s blanket.
Doesn’t hurt that I like the word either.
What’s your favorite winter hat pattern?  I confess, I don’t have one.  I love to knit hats, but I don’t believe I’ve done the same pattern twice.  I’ll have an FO report for you on  Friday.  I probably would have had one today for the hat, but I NEEDED Mexican for dinner last night!

Not Yet…

This is not the post I had planned for today.  I was SO SURE I’d have Gretchen’s little dress finished by today, but I don’t.  Those two seemingly easy enough ruffles are killing me.  It’s going to be darling when it is done though.  I just love this colorway!

Taken July 2009

Taken July 2009

So, Happy Dogs on Thursday!  Ironically, this is one of two days this week the fur-girls aren’t with me at work.  The inlaws -and Shadow – are away, so the girls have been enjoying so extra time hanging out with humans.  Gretchen is riding better (read: no messy car-sick incidents) but this morning, she began trembling when I began putting on my shoes, the last thing I do before heading out.

While you’re here, I’ll flash photos of the girls you haven’t seen yet…

Gretchen, very into her birthday treat from Mr. B and co.

Gretchen, very into her birthday treat from Mr. B and co.

Birthday Girl trying to steal Sissys toy

Birthday Girl trying to steal Sissy's toy

The kerchiefs - Sissys shown on the wrong side

The kerchiefs - Sissy's shown on the "wrong side"

So, wow…  nearly 2 dozen of you have already taken the time to talk shawls with me!   Since the response has already been outstanding, I want to note that I’m adding a non-knitter’s prize too.   I have something in mind, but I’ll have to wait and see who wins to be sure what I’m thinking will work for the winner!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read yesterday’s post.   (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge!  The early birds have already assured there will be a minimum of three prizes given!)

I also want to mention that this is National Pizza Month!  I’ll be doing a little something to honor that fact in my own Big Blessings Bash contest, which I’ll announce on Monday.   In the meantime, scoot over to HERE and consider entering a fantastic contest!  If you eat, you’ll love Louise’s blog.   I’m so glad Marjie “introduced” us!  Yes, you’ll see my name in the post linked above, so I can’t participate in Louise’s awesome contest, but I did have the pleasure of helping her plan the prizes!

Some Creatively Dyed yarns

Some Creatively Dyed yarns

Happy little friday!  I’m really looking forward to the weekend.  Don’t forget to let me know if you’re going to be at Montpelier on Saturday for the Fall Fiber Fest.   I’m already looking forward to catching up with a bunch of you!  Ann and I have declared Dianne of Creatively Dyed‘s booth “home base” so if you haven’t seen me, stop in there.  You really NEEEEEED to see Dianne’s fiber and yarns anyway.

While I’m thinking about it, Amy?  I’m going to bring a scarf for Warm Up Winchester for you, okay?  Make sure you ask me for it if I don’t hand it over!  And the Rav WuW link…  She serves an area that is dear to my heart, and don’t we all love charity knitting?  It warms at least four times, the way I figure it.  It makes me feel good while I’m knitting, it makes Amy (in this case) happy both when I hand over my very tangible support for her cause and when she turns it in to her contact, and then it warms the recipient all winter…

Tomorrow, I’ll announce the THREE winners for my impromptu shawl we talk contest.  Don’t forget to enter before 8am my time – Eastern! – tomorrow!

My Little Hero

Meet my little hero. He’s from Vermont Teddy Bear Company. There’s a great, long story about how our fire company ended up in this program, but that’s for another day. You can check out the Friends for Life website for more information. However, today he’s not waiting to comfort a scared child; he’s showing off my latest finished object. It’s a child-sized hat for Amy’s project, Warm Up Winchester. Please pop over and check it out. They’ve already reached Amy’s initial goal, but I hope there are lots of late-term folks like me, because I’d really like to shock Amy and Winchester with about double her goal!

The hat is the quick and easy pattern in Knitting for Peace (thanks again, Mary!) I used #7 dpns and Lion Brand Wool-ease in a blue heather of unknown origins. I think (hope?) I have enough left to knit myself one of these rolled brimmed cuties. Mugsy and I have had a slacker’s summer, so with 40 degree temperatures in the upcoming week, we’ll need warmer walking gear very soon!

So, I’m in the same boat I was in at the end of the last post; what to knit next? I may try the heel again, since Anne had good luck with hers and shared good pictures so I have an idea of what it should look like when it is right. In the meantime, we’ll keep watching House season 2.

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Knitting for All the Right Reasons

Folks, please pop over and join Amy’s cause. Her hometown isn’t a big city, and it’s just up the road from the even smaller town where I spent my teens. I think most of us at least think about doing more charitable knitting, and WarmUpWinc will allow me to put my needles where my heart and mind have been. I’d love to be able to blow Amy away with the amount of hats, mittens, scarves and more we send her way!