Wild Life

UntitledHappy Thorsday!  There’s a very cute photo of Gretchen up on the girls’ blog.  Yet again, there are no photos of the furgirls enjoying their Chewy goodies… because they’re just that good – the treats, not the dogs.  I see the photos of other dogs with treats resting on their noses, but that doesn’t happen here.  It takes a lot of luck and 78 attempts to get a share-worthy photo of the girls with treats, and that just isn’t happening until the taxes are done.  (Update… the Knight has rounded up all of his parts, so I’m going to say it here – by bedtime Thursday night, they should be done.)

Anyway, this month, the Chewy Fairy Dogfather sent the girls some Evo Wild47387,1389673065$SS172$ Cravings in the Herring formula.   They eat a lot of salmon and white fish, so this subtle variation was/is greatly appreciated by the fish-eating girls.  The small size is sincerely appreciated by me, as Gg really is a little girl and we’re trying to keep it that way.  (Girlfriend likes to EAT and the concept of moderation isn’t in a JRT’s vocabulary.)  I can’t say that the variations on the small shapes matter to the girls, but the circle seems prone to breakage, so Gg has gotten some truly small bites, while Sis prefers at least two at a time, but then Sis is one of those naturally lean creatures sometimes called a “hard keeper.”

I can’t say it enough; we love that Chewy and the pet industry are constantly adding Sissy-friendly formulas.  We just had to change kibble again at home, because while the former dry food didn’t show any change in its ingredients, BOTH girls have had anal gland issues, so we’re assuming some corn or chicken found its way into it somehow.  Thank you, Chewy!!

And for more thankfuls, here’s an almost not-useful selfie of me in my CAbi scores.

You can’t tell, but the jacket is lemon and grey.  I would NEVER – not EVER – have paired them together.  I might have tried/purchased the blouse, because the colors are pretty awesome and I was looking for a floral addition for this spring, but I had to be all but beaten into shrugging into the jacket, and it’s my new favorite.  I’d wear either of these pieces every day if I didn’t have this urge to wear different stuff.  It’s machine-washable, I felt poised and yet still casual enough for my ubber-casual workplace, while still ready for a big, important JL meeting after work.

Courtesy of CAbi

Courtesy of CAbi

This is a better image of the same tops, and yes, I wore jeans on the bottom, but a darker wash in an ankle length, with practical “champagne” (goldish but not obnoxiously so) metallic flat from Clarks.

Have you CAbi’d?  I still haven’t sat through a whole show yet, and I really want to.  I’m pretty sure I need the green pants and another top…  I am very excited about finding easy-care pieces that I can wear to work.

Have you found any new businesses to support?

(And yeah… it’s little friday… but this pre-posting thing makes it harder for me to get excited about that.  However, if I do get the taxes done ahead of time, I’ll actually have a weekend to call my own.  What should I do with myself?!)





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