Scattered and Confused

In a past life, I was known for being organized and on top of things.  Birthday cards/gifts were mailed so they arrived on or before the special day.  I was always at least 10 minutes early EVERYWHERE I went, and I sure as heck never completely forgot an appointment.

When the Knight became Asst. Chief Knight, we got matching PalmPilots.  (Well, nearly matching; mine got mega memory so I could store a knitting pattern or two within – seriously.  He thought of that.)  He loaded his up with his regular run of meetings and obligations, and I don’t even know where mine is.  I remember playing a game on it when it arrived…  We were going to sync them nightly, so that there was a master calendar on the home desktop, and so that we each knew what the other was doing, even when someone forgot to mention a meeting.

Well, last month I argued with my doctor’s office manager about the time of my appointment.  She said I was 15 minutes late, and I assured her I was not.  I felt smaller than ant dung when I returned to the office and realized that my appointment was 10-15, 10AM, not 10:15, period.  Then yesterday, I argued with my vet’s receptionist about Gretchen’s appointment.  Wednesday, 5PM.  I was sure of it.  I’ve ridden it around in my car for a month now.  Wrong.  Today is the 25th, so away we go.

Now, I also must mention that these sweet gals know me, moreso than the average office staff might.  The doc’s office manager went to school with the Knight, and we’ve made fun of him  shared funny stories about him regularly.  The vet’s receptionist’s mom was my babysitter, and her uncle lives on our road.  The Knight even lived with said uncle briefly during their overlapping post-divorce, pre-finding the loves of their lives phase.  So, it’s not like I’m a shrew…  They laugh at me, know they’re right, and I’m stuck sitting here blabbing about it you, wondering when I lost it.

So, how ’bout those FO reports?

First, the quickie, the Presto Baby Hat

Pattern:  Presto Baby Hat, from the 20 Hats Project.  (follow the link above)  This was a super-easy, super-quick hat.  They said its unique design (like a collapsible top hat) would provide lots of growing room, and Katiebell told me yesterday that 3 yr. old Boybell was able to wear it, although his ears weren’t covered.  (And I made the newborn size, shown here on a pop-up dispenser of doggy ear wipes.) 

Yarn:  Bernat Softee Chunky, in the fun circus colorway.  I think I have enough for one more small baby hat.  It’s soft acrylic, and it’s a happy colorway.

Needles:  My bamboo #8 circs.  A little short to Magic Loop, but I made ’em work.

Now, the Uh-ohs require a bit of a story, so stick with me.

Pattern:  Uh-ohs   Great pattern.  Fun knit.  It’s not the pattern’s fault I didn’t realize ALL of my sock yarn is/was superwash.  There are plenty of cute, felted version on Ravelry, and one of these days, I’ll make another set that can be felted, and I’ll really feel the love for this pattern.

Yarn:  Two of my favorite sock yarns, both gifted away (so hence, the reason I didn’t know they were superwash?).  The pale Uh-oh is Claudia Handpaints Blue Ridge Blue, done just for SoXperience.  The green is another Virginia dyer, Blue Ridge Farms Jubilee, in a colorway I can’t recall.  (And if I had the @#$% ball band, wouldn’t I have known it was superwash?)

Needles:  Sadly, I used the #4 circs, thinking I was gonna’ felt these babies.  And believe me, I tried, despite the rather gently given advice from MANY wise fiber friends, telling me that superwash doesn’t shrink.  It’s true, it’s really true. 

See this photo?  If you have a small monitor, click on the photo and/or go look on my Flickr page, at the original.  For once, I’m not trying to divert your attention from the dog hair in the photo.  I want you to see that nearly every flippin’ stitch has a dog hair poking out.

Here.  You need an even closer look at what was supposed to be the ears/feet on the toy.  Please note the ODD number of pieces.  There should have been another light blue “foot” but that didn’t surface until the NEXT morning.  (Use your imagination.  It wasn’t brown, but I did use a paper towel to pick it up.  I think the culprit’s tummy finally rejected the wool wad, thankfully!)

So, my first set of Uh-ohs were too large because they didn’t felt, AND they only had ears because Gretchen just couldn’t resist ’em.  (I don’t think Gretchen could have swallowed the piece whole, so Sissy isn’t blameless, it would seem.) 

Because I do love y’all, I did indeed snap photos of Gretchen in her new sweater.  (She isn’t scratching or breaking out as much, so is it possible there was something in Abby’s sweaters [laundered since Abby had worn them] that irritated her?)  I’m pretty sure they’re getting their stories straight here…

And just because she was cooperative, another shot of the Uh-oh attacker.  (Why did the furball “red eye” fixer work so well on the right, but the left, not so much?)  She seems to like her “sleeves”, Robin!  First chance I get to knit her a sweater, it’s going to have legs. 


Poor MJ.  She didn’t realize DMV had changed the renewal policy on licenses, so hers expired on the 11th.  Now, she has to go home and find either her birth certificate or her passport, and then brave the lines again.  She’s livid, and is going back in the morning instead.  However, she was good enough to fetch each of us a Starbucks Peppermint Mocha Twist.

16 comments on “Scattered and Confused

  1. Dawn says:

    Love Gretchen’s sweater…looks so stylin’!

    The hat and uhoh’s are adorable!

  2. Barbara says:

    Is it time to find your PalmPilot again? Even if you don’t sync it with his or the “master calender”?

    I broke down some years back and got a Dell PDA. I got tired of trying to schedule stuff for the kids while trying to remember their school schedules, what classes they were or weren’t willing to miss, keeping track of when Hubband was around and maybe able to get away from work to help, not to mention all my own stuff. I don’t use it very much any more, but it still comes in handy when mailing stuff at the post office as I have all sorts of addresses in it. But sometimes its battery gets dangerously low between uses.
    Isn’t all knitting full of dog and/or cat hair?

  3. grace says:

    Your knitting is addorable
    Curious though did you ever mail the boxes in your car?
    If you did, nothing got here!

    Forgetting things comes with the territory, I can remember to the tee things that happened 20 years ago but yesterday not so much!

  4. AlisonH says:

    We had friends over last night with a visiting daughter and granddaughter and folks turned out to see them; the 10-month-old granddaughter would have loved those toys, felted or not.

    I so relate on the lack of memory!

  5. gaylen says:

    I showed The Princess the pic of Gretchen wearing her new sweater and she thought it was Sissy! Apparently she’s getting to be a big girl now.

    Sorry you’re losing your memory. Find your palm and use it sweetie, it will help.

    Also, I love the way the Oh-Ohs turned out. I think they look fun! g

  6. holly says:

    The UH Oh’s are a cute present.
    That sweater is precious on Gretchen. I just adore all the pice you get of the two of them.
    Ok, I know about peppermint white chocolate mochas but peppermint mocha twist, what’s the difference?

  7. “Of all the things I miss, I miss my mind the most.”
    Too true for me, too. Thanks for the cute girl pics.

  8. CathyT says:

    Welcome to your 40’s honey.
    I was the same way – uber-organized, oh-so-sure I knew where I was going and when I was supposed to be there – only to find out that I really am a blond, it just took longer to be obvious… ;^)
    And you wondered why we connected so well… SNOL

    (and L O V E Gretchen’s new outfit)

  9. Dianne says:

    Is it wrong of me to have laughed through that whole post? Especially the part about the foot that surfaced the next day…I’ve been there, too!

  10. StarSpry says:

    What a cute hat! I think the Uh-ohs will be fun, even if they didn’t want to felt 🙂

    Gretchen looks so adorable in her sweater!!

  11. Anita says:

    SNOL! Sorry, didn’t mean to laugh at you…. well, maybe I did. 😛 You tell the story so well though, can’t help but laugh!!

    I know how it is though, I forget crap all the time. It’s frustrating to super-duper organizers like us.

    Sissy ate something she wasn’t supposed to? I just don’t believe it!!!! SNOL

    Awww, Gretch looks so adorable in her new little sweater!!!!!

  12. Gurl…I am slowly slippin’ that way too! @ being organized…heck who am I kidding I already have! HAHA! ;op

    Cute presto baby hat! And Dang!! @ superwash socks! Haha! Sure the dogs love the toys anyway!

    Mmmh Peppermint Mocha Twist huh??

  13. monnibo says:

    I’m scattered and confused too! I’ve forgotten my keys TWICE in 4 days, which I never do. I forgot my mom’s parking pass (when I borrowed it), I forgot bus tickets, and I didn’t have any change to actually get on said bus. It sucks.

    P.S. LOVE Gretch’s sweater!!

  14. nichole says:

    I’ve been lagging on the organized lately too – WTP? I’ve missed one too many birthdays this year… :/

    Love that photo of the 2 girls… cute sweater!

  15. Robin in VA says:

    She looks SO adorable in her new sweater….with legs!!!

  16. […] also got a box of yarn from blogless Katiebell, so I can re-do the Uh-Ohs I kinda’ made for her baby shower last year.  Bless her sneaky heart, she also included some happy sock yarn for […]

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