Read, Toss and …

This is going to be quick, because I still need to decided whether or not I’m doing a Christmas letter, do the cards, etc. 

I didn’t do my cards Saturday because I was letting the dogs in and out, over and over, and it was easier to just carry a book from the sofa to the front porch, to the front yard and back.  I finished Friday Night Knitting Club

Warning:  SPOILERS!!!!!  If you haven’t read the book and plan to, stop reading now and scroll down to the next section.

If you’re still reading, you want to know my opinion of the book and you’ve either read it or don’t care if I ruin it for you. 

Ready?  Yes Rosanne, it was choppy and the last third of the book definitely had that “the publisher must have it NOW!” feel to it.   The author made me feel like I had ADD; as soon as I got into one storyline or began to gain insight into a character, we were off and running in another direction.  I don’t like that, and especially at the end, it really felt disjointed.  I’m sure we were supposed to be reeling, as the characters were, but this was a bit much.

And like Anita, I hate a sad ending.  I hate having a major character die, no matter how pivotal it is to the plot, and I guess I’ll have to suck it up and read the sequel to see if it REALLY was necessary to abruptly end Georgia’s battle with cancer and give us so very little closure. 

That being said, I’m  not a light reading kind of girl, despite how much of it I’ve been doing.  The characters were compelling, although in the whole lot of women in the book, I didn’t find a single one I really could relate to.  I don’t have children, but I’m also not a New York career woman.  That eliminates just about all the characters except Dakota, and I’m not in touch with my inner teen.

throwout21Where was I in my toss and purge?

39.  Old hair appliance.  I’m not sure what it’s called, but it’s a combo curling brush and a dryer.

40 – 45.  Old bath salts.  If the container truly isn’t airtight, they do clump up, lose color and scent, and what good are they at that point?

46.  Wrapping paper remnants.  If there isn’t enough left to wrap a book, there’s no need to save it from one year to the next. 

47.  Bags – moved to my regular “reuse” pile.  Those paper bags with the twine handles and a store’s logo on them do not need to be in my holiday gift bag selection.  Hem.

Short list, but look how fast 50 is coming upon us!

Now, I’ve put off my Christmas letter (maybe or not) and cards as long as it humanly possible.  If I don’t blog tomorrow, it’s because I’m frantically addressing and slapping stamps and labels on cards.

Oh – and why does it ALWAYS rain when I need to dress up?  My hair is not weather-proof.  Never has been.

13 comments on “Read, Toss and …

  1. Robin in VA says:

    I read this book sometime back and was not very impressed by it. I really liked “The Knitting Circle” much better.

  2. gaylen says:

    The funny thing is – I thought I was the only one who didn’t care for it. So much so, I don’t care to read the sequel.

    I’m sealing and addressing my Christmas Cards today and may get fired when I tell the auditor that I have to take lunch and stand in the post office line today! UGH. g

  3. Barbara says:

    Agenda for the day:
    Let the dog in, let the dog out,let the dog in, let the dog out…..
    I think I saw that on a shirt somewhere. It certainly interferes with my getting stuff done as well!
    I am going to be in so much trouble from you for recommending My Sister’s Keeper…. You may never want to talk to me again. (Well, I guess you were warned that it made us cry every time we read it.)
    One year when I was a wee-small, it took me over an hour to wrap up the Battleship game for my brothers. I took all those pieces of paper that were too small fro a book, taped them together into one big enough for the box. Throw out those scraps I say!
    Christmas letters? I love getting them from people, but never write them. Same goes for cards for the most part. I am such a slug!

  4. sonya says:

    I have to agree with you on the book. It was very scattered, I think it may be because there where just too many characters.

    Put on a pretty hand knit hat and go.

  5. grace says:

    I am so glad to read your book review I read the book when it first came out and I was very unhappy with it, glad to know I am not alone

    Thanks for your help yesterday the quiche turned out quite well now I must go knit, I must I really must.

    Hugs, me

  6. I don’t have weather proof hair either, and tomorrow is a “dress-up” day for me…could I get my order in to the weather gods please? Just enough humidity to enhance the curl, no wind, please!

  7. AlisonH says:

    Good luck! (Keeping this brief. You’re in a hurry!)

  8. MrPuffy says:

    Old bath salts ~ good toss item!

    I can’t get into the light reads much either. I did pick up The Knitting Circle when last browsing in B&N and wonder if you’ve read or heard anything about it. Haven’t started it yet.

  9. Bubblesknits says:

    Ugh. I meant to get my cards out today. 😦 Hope the weather treated your hair well. Mine always frizzes out beyond belief when it rains.

  10. monnibo says:

    Good job destashing. I should have gone through all of my bath stuffs.

    I haven’t done cards yet either and I’ve already left Canada. Maybe I’ll do them here… maybe I won’t at all. So if you don’t get a card from me, I do apologise, but I am still thinking of you!

  11. Darcy Watts says:

    I bought my cards does that
    There is a giveaway on my blog for knit two tote bags:)I dont like sad endings either.Hugs Darcy

  12. My bookclub read that book last spring, and it kind of ticked us all off!! I just could not get into it. Nice cover though, huh? Publisher knows the best way to get knitters to read a book is to put yarn porn on the cover.

  13. fireflynights says:

    I didn’t see the point of letting the main character get cancer and then deal with it so superficially in the remainder of the book before killing her off. First two-thirds of the book weren’t bad, once one gets into it, but the last third was a disappointment.

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