Sophie and Wishes

I have blogging ADD.  I admitted that I’d punted Gretchie’s birthday wish list in favor of the name game, but I totally lost my mind  and failed to introduce you to Sophie.

No, she’s not moving in at Haddon Wood.  She is however, the newest addition to Cherry Pie’s pack.  She’s 13 weeks and 35 pounds, which is to say she’s already roughly Sissy’s size. 

Isn’t she a beauty?!  She’s a sweet house pony.  My first photo of her came to my Blackberry via CP’s wife’s (let’s call her Go-to Gal) cell phone Sunday night, just as soon as they’d gotten home from picking her up.  She was sacked out in CP’s lap, if you can imagine… If you want to know what a lovely, adult Mastiff looks like, visit dear Thor.   Sophie is a true fawn, so she’ll likely remain “blond,” and I don’t think the females are quite as massive as the males…

No, she won’t be playing with the girls just yet.  I’m a firm believer in protecting puppies until they’ve had all of their shots.  Sure, I know my girls are safe, but I don’t know what else has left germs in my yard that might harm Sophie, so until she’s had all of her shots, no play dates.

I'm on the lookout for birthday presents!

Some of you STILL want to know what Gretchen is looking for in her birthday gifts.   Really, she wants for nothing, but Sissy convinced her that she needs to ask for a few things…

  • Crate pads.  (I happen to be crocheting one of several I have planned, and it will be ready no later than Saturday.)
  • Pink squeekies and balls.  I know dogs are color-blind, so explain to me why ALL of Gretchie’s favorites are one shade of pink or another?!
  • Specifically, she likes small-dog balls that squeak.  Did I mention she likes toys that squeak?!
  • Party dresses, specifically, flattering party dresses for both fur-girls.  Gretchen feels the dresses they wore for MY birthday were less than flattering, making both of them look fat.
  • One of Gretchen’s many fans insists she wants a rhinestone studded pink collar  necklace.  Gretchen did smile sweetly when I mentioned it to her…180px-Blue_Tailed_Skink
  • A lizard.  No, really.  Gretchie has tried desperately to catch her own blue-tailed stink repeatedly, at home and in the pump room at work.   Mugsy was into frogs, but my little stinker is crazy for stinks!
  • A birthday cake.  I’m pretty sure Sissy is behind this one.  I’d planned to bake homemade dog treats Saturday for the big event, so maybe I’ll slap a couple together with peanut butter and plain yogurt blended for the filling…
  • Party hats.  This, I’m POSITIVE is Sissy’s doing.  Gretchen doesn’t even know that party hats exist.  I didn’t realize Sissy did either, but…


I’m pretty sure the popularity of this photo is what makes Sissy think they need party hats.  DIVA loves the limelight, you know?

(Yes Kathy, that’s just for you.  Now you can find it easily when you need a laugh the next few days.)

Truly, neither Gretchen nor I intend to fish for presents.  (Do note that Sissy was pointedly excluded from the disclaimer…)


PS – In lieu of a THIRD post, because my rememberer is broken, please wish Ruth a happy birthday.   She shares a name and a birthday with my dear paternal grandmother.  They would have enjoyed each other too, sharing a cuppa’ tea, a good book, and so much more…

In a touch of irony, this was also my parents’ wedding day, and the date on which they chose to go their separate ways.  I could go on for paragraphs about the number of ways August 27th matters, but I’ve babbled enough today.

16 comments on “Sophie and Wishes

  1. Marjie says:

    Our second mastiff was a fawn girl. She topped out at (to use the vet’s exact term) a “dainty 165 pounds” but she was a tall girl. She will be much lighter than Thor, because he was strawberry blond as a baby.

    I have a friend with a mastiff named Sophie. Funny how mastiffs always collect human names.

  2. I love how Gretchen’s ear is nearly always ‘turned’. It would drive Daniel crazy…he always fixes Misty’s when it gets turned. I think Getchie should have all the opportunity needed to catch herself one of those great stinks…what a fine b-day gift…play time AND satisfaction of a job well-done!

  3. Sue says:

    All my life I’ve heard that dogs are color blind, but Monty always picked out the pink toys in the toybox. All his favorite toys were pink. I don’t buy the color blind business.

    Sissy sounds like a real party girl. Fudge says he wants to meet her.

  4. grace says:

    I don’t have dogs, so I don’t always know what to say on DOT posts but I do love the pictures you show of them!!!

  5. nichole says:

    OMG – Sophie is adorable!!!!!!!!!! You know how much I love mastiffs and bullmastiffs, so…… awww… such a cute, clumsy girl!
    My Gretchie, that is quite a list you have their girl… my kids have been up to something and I believe are putting a little something together to send off, but they wanted to hold out to shipping on Mon or Tues to make sure it doesn’t sit too long in a postal truck somewhere……… after all their Mom thought your bday was actually in Oct, otherwise she would’ve shopped earlier this week!

  6. StarSpry says:

    Sophie is adorable! I think Gretchen definitely needs a rhinestone studded pink necklace 😀

  7. AlisonH says:

    (Aren’t they skinks, not stinks? Just wondering.)

    Thank you for the reminder–it’s my sister’s anniversary. Busy day, huh?

  8. Bridget says:

    There is a 1-yr old mastiff down the street from us – she is sweet, but such a chicken!

    Happy Birthday to Gretchen! I hope she gets at least one thing she likes …

  9. AWW my boyfriend loves Bull Mastiffs and I am definitely sold!!

  10. Bubblesknits says:

    Sophie is gorgeous!!!

    I’ll have to find something appropriate for Miss Gretchie’s b’day. 😉

  11. gaylen says:

    What a beautiful gal Miss Sophie is. I agree with you on protecting them as babes. My vet wouldn’t even let us walk the scent hounds until they had all their shots.

    I have a few things that have been in the works on Little Miss G’s birthday list. As for hats – Lucy ate her first birthday hat – she said it tasted horrible! g

  12. […] Sophie and Wishes – 08/27/2009 I have blogging ADD.  I admitted that I’d punted […]

  13. Cathy says:

    Yes, they are SKINKS!

    We have an abundance so if you want me to fwd one to you via cellie, I’ll do so – actually, I’ll do so anyway b/c my Dear H2B sent me a video just yesterday b/c Stella had discovered on in our family room…

  14. Kathy says:

    SNOL……….well that made me laugh. Sissy and that hat cracks me up as you well know. LOL

    Well of course they want dresses don’t make them look fat. What stylish girl doesn’t want a dress to flatter, not fatter? LOL

    Gretchen looking for gifts:) Cute. Are you sure Sissy didn’t put her little sister up to this trick because she’s so darn cute?

  15. Anita says:

    Sophie is gorgeous!

    LOL! I love that caption on Gretchie’s photo looking out of the fence. 🙂

    And of course Sissy is lovely in her hat! 😛

  16. kathy b says:

    I am in love with Sophie.

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