Past-Due Gratitude

Firstly, Mugsy, the Knight and I wish to thank each and every one of you for your sympathy and support. The Knight is working on his own memorial for his hound, and I think that when it is complete, I’ll share more with you about the life and times of Sir Fred Aloysius, and all of his other aliases. Because it’s coming up in face to face conversations, let me politely but firmly state that no, we won’t be getting another dog any time soon. Fred was the Knight’s dog, and he doesn’t want another at this point, and that’s all that matters.
Thursday, much knitterly goodness came my way, and all I was able to do was note its arrival. I heartily apologize to Nannette and my SP11 pal, as it was in no way a reflection upon their thoughtful, “perfect fit” packages. In fact, the timing of the arrivals was perfect; it gave me a bit of a distraction during an otherwise awful time of waiting and wondering.

My secret pal sent this book, which is curious, because perhaps only Devon and maybe Ana know how very much I’ve wanted this book. It’s actually still in my “stash” at Knitpicks and on my Amazon wish list, but I’ll fix both of those tomorrow, or that’s the plan anyway. Mugsy and I looked at all the socks, but the truth is, I want to make all but maybe one or two of the patterns in there! Thank you again, secret pal!

Next, I must begin to recount the details of Nannette’s tremendous tea swap package. I hope I don’t forget anything, but if I do, I assure you it is an oversight, not a lack of enthusiasm! As you can see, there is one of everything in there. Here’s an inventory:
Republic of Tea Dragon Well loose tea (on my to try list for a long time!)
Zhena’s Gypsy Tea Grand Green
The Tea Port Provence Rooibos
Maeda-en Sencha Green Tea
Scone Mix (in the highly recommended King Arthur Flour brand)
Carmel Apple Biscotti
Singoalla cookies
Sugar-free green tea candy
Green tea mints
Green tea bath tea (I’ve been wanting to broaden my tea uses!)
A tea ball – needed for work
A cute honey bear (stick with molded honey attached for sweetening)
Reusable cotton bags (again, makes loose tea more portable)
An awesome “Knit” blank book
A kit to knit a felted wallet
A garden flag
A book – Gunpowder Green by Laura Childs

The garden flag is already flying, and you’ll likely see it in other photos in the days and weeks to come. I needed a new flag for out on the back deck, and had purchased several (school fundraisers – I am a sucker), but hadn’t gotten around to putting one in place. The cheery colors are just what the doctor ordered! Mugsy and I will think of Nannette and all of the great swappers from the tea swap while we sit on the deck and have tea on pretty fall afternoons. We’ll probably be reading the book too. I just discovered Debbie Macomber and knitting fiction, and now I learn there’s tea fiction too!

The knitted coasters are perfect too. They are in a colorway I have picked up a couple of times but always put back, as I have so much cotton and knit so few dishcloths. Note how Nannette even went to the trouble of making a little twisted cord to hold them all together! (Hey Shawnee! Won’t “our” tea for one cup be beautiful on this?!) You can’t really tell here, but the colorway is a great, soft blue and green, with white. They are so pretty, and will help me feel pampered while I sip my tea.
I love blank books almost as much as Anne does, but I don’t think I’ve said so before, which makes this book all the more special. I think I shall use it to record all of the teas I’ve received from my swap pals, and keep notes on them, so that when someone asks, I can make an accurate reply, rather than try to rely on my becoming more addled every day memory. (Right now, it’s very busy clinging to every precious thing Fred ever did, but you knew that, right?) Neat that it is green (as in green tea) and says KNIT on the front, yes? Why, of course I do realize that it would be more rational to use it to record knitting things, but it’s my book now, and I’ll use it as I like. (Hope you don’t mind, Nannette!)

As above, I don’t believe I’ve blogged or even mentioned to my nearest and dearest that I’ve had this sushi knit in my shopping cart more than once too. I look forward to deciding which pattern I’ll follow – or be a renegade and do my own thing? (not likely) – and to adding zipper abilities to my finishing skills. For the record, I do not like sushi, but I do love these colors. I went through a raw oysters and beer phase early in my adulthood, but that was a long time ago, and with the exception of a good steak, I like my meat COOKED.
Last, but hardly least, here’s Mugsy inspecting his tea treat. He really appreciates being included, especially since his mourning mother failed to buy him a toy for his birthday. He did get his special meal though – two nights in a row, since I already had planned for it to be shared – and his big treat came tonight, when the Knight FINALLY allowed Mugsy to ride in his “new” truck. I suspect that we are well on our way to becoming the weirdos our friends talk about, because we take our dog everywhere, appropriately so or not. I’m not quite old enough to be a crazy old lady, but evidently, I’m mature enough to thumb my nose at convention and do it my way.
Again, we thank you for all of your emails, comments, etc. Even if I failed to reply personally, please know that we read each and every one, and it helped bolster us.

12 comments on “Past-Due Gratitude

  1. Anne says:

    Ooh such lovely packages – I’m glad they came when they did, it had to help! I just got home from work a bit ago – and I’m done! REALLY REALLY done! Yay! Still sending prayers in your entire household’s direction, you know that – with much love.

  2. vegasangelbrat says:

    Packages are wonderful and even more so when needed…such great timing and I’m so glad Nanette spoiled you so 🙂 Great swap package!
    Geesh Mom, didn’t even take the wrapper off Mugsys bone
    You know where we are if you need us 🙂 Love ya’s

  3. Holly says:

    What a great swap package. I like the sushi wallet. You know I am a fan of sushi. I have looked at the brown and teal color ones several times. Mugsy completely understands, that he didn’t get a birthday present on his birthday. He knows his mother will get him one when ever he wants one. Prayers and Hugs are sent your way daily.

  4. Surviving says:

    Those are some great packages!

  5. Amy says:

    I’d say that package came just when you needed it! What wonderful goodies! Let me know how that sushi wallet turns out, as I’ve been looking at the kit for a while!


  6. Scrabblequeen says:

    Very nice packages, indeed. I’m a big fan of the Tea Shop Mysteries. You do realize that there are eight of them now, right? Condolences on the loss of your dear friend, from me and my little girls.

  7. NH Knitting Mama says:

    Very nice post. I’m glad you got the sock book you wanted – fantastic!

    I’m glad it was a welcomed distraction for you.

  8. Virtuous says:

    Wow that was an awesome tea swap package! I love the KNIT tea book -that will be a great way to record all of your teas. You are overflowing with them! But I am sure a girl could never have too much tea! :o)

    And I love the favorite socks book!! It is so enjoyable!!!

  9. Nancy @ the Jersey Shore says:

    What a wonderful package. I’m glad you were righteously spoiled. MY K1T2 pal included a tea shop mystery in my package, I’d be happy to pass it on when I’m done. it says the 1st in the new series, “Death by Darjeeling”

  10. Stormy says:

    Hmmm. Can I say something that isn’t insipid or cliche? Maybe if I try reeeeeeealy hard. I like the thought of the place Robin Williams’ dog goes in “What Dreams May Come”. I hope that you and yours can keep the breathing one day at a time up cause it would really suck to not be able to check in at your blog. I have only recently become a regular reader, but I love the thought that there are other people out there with fiber addiction for me to observe. Well wishes and comforting thoughts.

  11. StarSpry says:

    What great goodies you got! I’m glad they were a nice distraction for you.

  12. Nichole says:

    What a GREAT tea swap package… and so glad to see you were so well spoiled! 🙂
    Yeah for Mugsy getting to go for a ride! I think you need to get the “Crazy Dog Lady” tee that I bought off Cafe Press a couple weeks ago! wonder-twin powers… ACTIVATE!

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