Pin here, pin there…

I have fallen down a rabbit hole.  Its name is Pinterest.  I might never tweet again, and will definitely be on Facebook even less.  Le sigh.  Recipes, fashion, home decor, cute doggies… what’s not to love?!

Planet Dog Feedbag

I had a fabulous time at Mistletoe Market, but I’ll have to report on my purchases later.  It was too dark/cloudy yesterday when I got home.   In the meantime, toodle over to Nichole’s latest review and check out the fab Planet Dog Feedbag and its matching bowls.  I think lots of our doggy friends and relations might get a Feedbag for Christmas…  The fur-girls are definitely getting one, in PANK of course. 

Oh — and it’s a contest.  The more of us who enter, the more Planet Dog and Lapdog Creations will give away!  See the original post for details.

How was your weekend?  Do you have any fabulous finds?

15 comments on “Pin here, pin there…

  1. gMarie says:

    My weekend was very low key. Spent literally all day on Friday moving and setting up the office. Managed to get laundry and some knitting done over the weekend. That’s all.

    Tell me more about Pin-ing. I don’t quite get it yet. g

  2. Nancy says:

    Just reading blogs keeps me at my computer more than I should, so no Pinterest for me. (I did check it out, though)

  3. Katherine says:

    I had never heard of Pinterest so I clicked on your link–20 minutes ago! I’ve been hypnotized by it for 20 minutes. Thanks–I think!!

  4. Haha!! it is very addictive!! Love love love it! I have pinned more recipes and can’t wait to find more!

  5. Mary says:

    You will be happy to know that I found the PH this weekend at the outlet. Bought two bags full. Price went up $2 a bag, but I have my supply for the trip (as well as the rest of the year if I take care of them). Staying away from addictive items for now. Glad you had fun at the market.

  6. Blond Duck says:

    I had a weekend full of decisions.

  7. A very quiet and boring weekend while the hubs worked and worked and worked some more. Pinterest was, to say the least, interesting, but I can let it slide by. The dog dishes are fab.

  8. Sue says:

    I clicked on your link and it looks like something I should stay away from.

    I’m off to Lapdog country to check out their contest.

  9. i too am a Pinterest addict, sometimes i think I do things in my sleep because I never seem to be off the computer but other things do get done!

  10. Marjie says:

    My weekend was spent planning what I need to do for the next 2 weeks. The list isn’t a pretty one. “Get Dan to fix the leak over the pink foyer again!” That’s just one. Trust me, I don’t want to crawl out the window to clean out the clogged area over said foyer and then try to seal the leak for the umpteenth time. Makes “Dust and Flush” look easy by comparison, right?

    I don’t know about pinterest either, and am afraid that I don’t have time to know for a couple of weeks. Ack! Double Ack!

  11. kathy b says:

    I pinterest~ Im kate boyeah. If you want to see my boards!!!

    Workend allowed for some knitting! I was in isolation with asleepy patient.

    Other weekend finds: tiny red velvet cupcakes…mmmm

  12. gypsyknits says:

    I signed up to pininterest and I’m on a waiting list. Probably a good thing since I’m on the computer more than I should be ;).
    My weekend was a bit non-productive.

  13. Mr. Puffy says:

    What am I missing about Pinterest? For one thing I forgot my password but the 1 time I was on I couldn’t find any way to “connect” I must have been doing something wrong.

  14. Nichole says:

    Oh I’m going to have to check out this new site! Thanks for the promo on the contest… the more entries, the merrier the giveaway!

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