photo.JPGThe post on the girls’ blog was draining, so pardon me if I take the easy way out here.  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, Thorsday and Thankful Thursday, but can a girl ever be too thankful?

I’m so very thankful for each and every person who cares about my fur-girls.  I’m grateful for a local veterinary practice where Sissy’s DIVA antics are not only tolerated but encouraged and welcomed.  I’d literally be lost without Eye Care for Animals and their remarkable, top-notched team.  I can’t thank them enough for always taking my calls with patience, support and understanding.  Not only do they not placate me and get rid of me as fast as possible, they sincerely care about assuring Sissy has the best care possible.

And perhaps most of all, I appreciate each of you.  You not only read and comment, but you too genuinely care about my kids in fur coats.   We wish you whatever a perfect Thanksgiving feels like!

7 comments on “Pre-Thankful

  1. Nancy says:

    Too thankful? Never!

    Never second guess yourself about the fur-girls’ care. YOU are their advocate and voice: speak up when necessary.

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone gathered around (and under) your table tomorrow.

  2. Katherine says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you Chan, The Knight, and extra gobble-gobbles to the kids in fur coats!! Our Thanksgiving is on Friday because the firefighter and all three nurses are working on Thursday. That feels right and normal to me so I am thankful for children who care and give, a husband who always supports me in all ways possible, and for the best fur-children in the world, Macy and our foster pup Max!! I am also tremendously thankful for you and all of my blogging friends who share their lives with all of us.

  3. gmariesews says:

    Thank you! Off to read the girls’ blog. What a lovely wish. g

  4. Nichole says:

    My sentiments exactly… it was fun doing the Ten on Tuesday thankful yesterday… like you, I truly appreciate everyone out there who cares enough to read my blog! 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving to the entire M clan! We hope you guys are all well!

  5. kathy b says:

    awww we are Thankful for you too

    the fur girls antics are always a spirit lifter!

  6. Marjie says:

    Adorable picture of the girls, in full celebration of autumn. Happy Thanksgiving, Chan and company!

  7. Much thankfulness for many blessings here, in even as we end what is possibly the second worst year of my life…Cheers to you, the Knight, and Grrls!

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