Vera Bradley Island?

The email introducing Vera’s new summer colors starts with “island time” and for a change, they all speak to me.  Did anyone other than gMarie notice that I skipped a season or more of Vera’s colors? 

full_140Tutti Frutti might be my favorite swatch, but if you click over and look at the bags, it screams … that green minty dental flouride gritty paste from the late 20th century.  (PLEASE tell me I’m not the only one who feels that way, or remembers that … mint-colored glop?) 

So, while the colors appeal to me greatly up close, I’m pretty sure Tutti Frutti isn’t coming home with me… unless I get an urge to buy something for my darlin’ dentist, or the Knight’s awesome cousin who works for her.

full_139Sun Valley has the precise opposite impact.  While the swatch doesn’t do much for me, I don’t mind it on the bags.   I think it might really be special – as in, I couldn’t resist it – if the coral was brighter and/or in such a splotch that it didn’t look rather orange instead of coral.

Nautical-preppy-Aztec anyone?   It’s an odd combination, but that’s what I feel when I look at it.  It’s a little old Cape Cod with its faded red/coral, navy and white, while the geometric pattern reminds me of …  well, I don’t even know that it really feels Aztec-ky, but that’s what my fingers and mind typed earlier, so why question it?

full_142Lilli Bell.  Why did they smack orange in the middle of an otherwise traditional preppy color scheme?  I’m sure they were going for modern and such, but instead…  It reminds me very much of an ancient smoke-eater’s wife by the same name.  Hem.

The contrasting print, the one right and rear, is pretty awesome though.  Too bad Vera stopped doing the plastic-coated Frill line mostly done in those contrasting fabrics…

full_141So that means that last is NOT least, and Marina Paisley is my favorite of this all-in-all solid class of Summer 2013.   The white scares me a bit, because I’m not a white-wearer.  I have slobbery Sissy.  I have sweet Gretchen Greer who likes to “touch” me in greeting, with her paws, with her nose… she just wants to make physical contact.  But even without the dogs, I’m a toss my bag wherever kinda’ girl.

The problem is, I need a LIGHT, good-sized bag.  That rules leather out.  Even my coated canvas tote (I’ve been using it almost exclusively since July if you can believe it) isn’t lightweight.  I’d love one of those nylon bags with the leather handles, but I haven’t found the right color at the right price, in the right size. 

Do they do anything for you?

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15 comments on “Vera Bradley Island?

  1. gmariesews says:

    My favorite is the Marina Paisley. I’m a bit concerned about my commute and the new job. Not the commute actually – but i’m a one bag kinda gal. They provide a laptop bag that meets the ‘confidentiality requirements’. Pretty sure my stuff won’t fit in there – shoes, wallet, lunch, knitting, coffee. So – I might have to carry 2 bags and that doesn’t make me very happy. And yes – I don’t take very good care of my bag it gets set on the floor of the bus (don’t think about that one too much) under my desk, floor of my car, where so it’s handy. g

  2. km says:

    My friend just had a Miche party. I can’t speak for how heavy they are, but there are so many cute ones. Look in to it. And she recommended getting your base bag…and one shell, then look on ebay for people selling older shells at a discount. They are super cute. I didn’t go to the party on Saturday because of our termites…but knowing what I now know I it’s a good thing.

    I kind of like the Lilli Bell. That orange looks like our state flower…the CA poppy.

  3. susancyr says:

    I haven’t bought a VB bag in several years because they didn’t have a print that called to me. Won’t be buying on this season either!!! I used to love almost everything they did. Either they changed or I did!!!

  4. Katherine says:

    I am so over Vera since they dropped my design (black, hot pink and lime)! Still, it is hard to argue with the fact that my large Vera Bradley duffel hold anything and everything I want to carry.

    I like Sun Valley but everything else shown on your post is too “tutti frutti” for me!

  5. Katherine says:

    Holy Toledo I just looked up the Miche bags suggested by km and they are wonderful!! I want ALL of them! I’m going shopping….

  6. Mary says:

    Nope. Nada. I am a basic black bag lady. Boring, I know.

  7. Nichole says:

    I just got a big ‘ole Vera box delivered to the house on Monday. I scored… 4 items on clarence, plus an additional $10 off and free shipping! I got a passport cover, since I guess I need one now, plus a bag, wallet & sunglasses case in the same black & white fabric (forget the name off hand, but obviously discontinued if it was on clarence) that I think I’ll be using on our summer vacation.

  8. Kathy says:

    My latest bag purchase is the o-ring shopper from dooney & bourke. It’s roomy & light.

  9. Marjie says:

    I’d have to see the green in person to see if it really was toothpaste color. But none of the others really do much for me. I don’t need a big bag, since I only carry the basics when I leave the house for the most part, because I plan my trips to be specific, with as little down time as possible. If I were like G, and riding a bus 2 hours a day, it would be a different story!

  10. Bubblesknits says:

    Believe it or not, Wal-Mart has a cute line of purses out this spring. A friend had one and I was amazed when she told me where she’d gotten it. Funky floral patterns with that wipeable finish…like a coated canvas. Just a thought. 😉

  11. Nancy says:

    Sorry to say – none of these fabrics appeal to me, so I’ll use my old Vera bags this summer.

  12. Blond Duck says:

    Do you know there’s an island of bunnies?

  13. Kathy b says:

    In Virginia. Just came from a thirty one party. Do you like their lines???

  14. Barbara says:

    Sun Valley definitely has that Aztec look. What I’m wondering is: why island time? They don’t look very islandy to me.

  15. monnibo says:

    I like the bold colours of VB, but I’ve yet to found one to love. The closest has been Baroque, but I don’t like the lime green. I want a purple or blue with those shades of grey and black. I’m tempted by the Convertible Crossbody. Do you or anyone you know have it? What do they think?

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